Junior QB Diondre Borel and Senior S James Brindley address the media


ON NEW OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR DAVE BALDWIN “He is a great guy. He is a vocal, intense coach. He is a great coach and has also been helping me a lot. He understands how I play and tells me what I need to do.” ON THE NEW OFFENSE “It has gone pretty well. I didn’t know what to expect at first. The offense is just expanded. You have to look through all the guys. You might throw it to the fourth guy. The offense was kind of hard in spring, but I thing it is getting better.” “I think we have learned about 95 percent of the offense. We just need to work on the little things. I have to fix the little things that I haven’t done. Things like checking down to different receivers and knowing what to do if certain things happen.” “I think we need to make a lot more big plays then we did last year. I think we will have a lot more opportunities to make big plays. We have a lot more guys on the field at receiver, running back and tight end that fit our offense.” ON FINISHING STRONG LAST YEAR “We just wanted to finish strong last year and win our last couple games. Losing at the end of the year is not a feeling that you want to have. We wanted to build for the next season.” ON RECEIVERS “We have a lot of guys. Xavier Bowman can be a top guy. Eric Moats redshirted last year and he will be a good player. We have a lot of guys coming back. Everyone was making plays during the spring game. I think all of the guys can be that guy that makes a difference for us.” ON RUNNING BACKS “They are all good. We played two freshmen last year. We have a junior college running back, Michael Smith, who can make plays. Robert Turbin is great. They can all make plays running or catching the ball. That should be a strength for us.” ON SUMMER WORK OUTS “Everyone got stronger. Everyone got a lot bigger. We look at before and after pictures from January till now and everyone is bigger. We just have to keep that strength up throughout the season and continue to work hard.” ON NEW COACHING STAFF “They just have different styles. Our coaching staff now is just different. There are different philosophies. I have gotten along with all the coaches with different styles. I believe in these coaches, and they believe in us. We are just ready for the season to get started.” “Coach Andersen lets everybody know what he thinks. That is the same for all the coaches. They have a lot of enthusiasm and it excites everybody. Everybody is just hyped up. Everybody is excited for the season to get started.” ON BECOMING A BETTER QUARTERBACK “I believe I can be one of those top guys. I don’t know if anybody else believes that, but my coach does and my teammates do. I feel confident that I can be that top guy. Those guys have one more games then I have, and that is a big difference. If we can start winning, and go to a bowl game I believe I can be mentioned with those top quarterbacks in the conference.” “They know I can run, but I believe I can be a passer too. I believe I can throw just as well as anyone. I have confidence.” “I am trying to make running my second or third option. I know I can run the ball. Last year sometimes I would leave the pocket too early. I need to become a better pocket passer, and just run when I need to. It is a big difference from last year, but I knew there were things I needed to work on.” “It makes me feel good to be compared to Utah quarterback Brian Johnson. He had the most wins for Utah, so that is a good stat to have. That makes me feel good and confident to hear Coach Andersen say that.” ON PLAYERS SWITCHING POSITIONS “We needed some of the guys over on defense. That is why they made the switch. There is no problem with that and the guys that have switched haven’t had any problems. Everybody is adjusting well.” ON SCHEDULE “We have a tough schedule. We just have to prepare the same for every game. We just need to get ready for the season.” “We just have to prepare for every game. We are going to be moving around fast in two a days. We are still in a learning process. There are lots of things that we don’t know. I believe we can win these games if we just get ready.” “We just have to keep our heads up. If we happen to lose a game, that does not mean we will lose the next one. Any given day you can win a game. We have to play harder each game and be ready for this tough schedule.”


ON SCHEDULE “We are just focused right now on the Utes, our first game. We are extremely excited to see how things play out during camp. We are getting ready to get out on the field and play them.” “Every game is going to be tough. There is not one game I look at and think we are just going to run right over them. Every game will be a battle, but we need that to improve ourselves. We just need to get better and build some confidence going into the WAC. The main thing is take one game at a time. I am excited.” “We take it one game at a time, but our goal is to make it to a bowl game. I want to get to a bowl game before I graduate. We are optimistic and think we can do it, so we just need to come out and work hard every game.” ON SUMMER WORKOUTS “Everyone is really excited. It hasn’t been like this in the past. We are just really looking forward to camp and learning the rest of the schemes. There is just so much excitement and energy.” “The coaching staff has given us more to do in the weight room. We have some weight programs and have been provided with the right things to make us work harder. We are excited to see how it does carry over to the season. Everyone has made huge strides in the weight room and we are anxious to see how it plays out.” “There is spring, summer and fall camp. All of those things combined are going to help us improve ourselves on the field. We have done a great job so far and we just need to keep it up and play well on game day.” ON NEW COACHING STAFF “Coach Andersen is just a players’ coach. He will do anything for you. He loves us. He has so much respect for us and we all have a lot of respect for him. He is real focused and knows what he wants.” “It has been great. They have brought so much energy and excitement to the team. The players have bought into the whole system and we are excited to see how the change transfers to the field.” “With the new coaches and everyone getting stronger, this has been the best spring since I have been here. Everyone is confident and everyone bough in to the new system. The energy is sky high and we are optimistic.” ON POSITION CHANGES “We respect the coaches and trust the coaches. So whatever they do we are right there behind them. We are excited to see the position changes and upgrades in speed on the defense.” ON CLIMBING UP IN THE CONFERENCE “I think we are right there. We had some close, tight games last year that could have made a difference. But with the new coaches and some of the other things that are going on at Utah State, I think we are ready to make that leap.” “I think it started with spring ball when the new coaches came in. We had to have a great spring and we had to get stronger this summer. I think we have done those things. I think those are the things you have to do to have a great season. I think we are well on our way to having a great season. We are ready to get out there.” ON DEFENSIVE TEAMMATES “Hopefully we will have some defensive linemen step up and get some pressure on the quarterback. Curtis Marsh has done a great job moving over to cornerback. We have two new JC corners that will be good. Chris Randle will also be good for us.” ON DEFENSIVE CHANGES “Our overall aggressiveness is a big difference. We are up on the ball applying a lot more pressure. We have a lot more speed on the team this year. Those will be big differences.” ON OFFENSIVE CHANGES “I have said that Diondre is going to be hard to stop, as hard to stop as the other quarterbacks in the conference. There are a lot of great players, but Diondre is so elusive. With how hard the offensive line has worked this summer, we are expecting big things out of Diondre this season.” -USU-

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