2009 Election: Steven G. Stokes profile

<em>Editor’s note: CacheValleyDaily.com sent a questionnaire to all of the candidates for mayor and municipal council in Logan. We will publish the responses as we receive them.</em>

<strong>Candidate: Steven G. StokesPosition: Logan Municipal Council</strong>

<strong>1. Why did you file as a candidate for city service?</strong>

I filed to run for City Council to give back a part of what this great community has given me. I was born and raised here, so I know the values that make our community such a great place to live. I know I can represent groups of people whose voices have not been heard in the past. I’m also confident that I can listen to many sides of an issue, and be fair in coming up with a solution that can work for all parties involved.

<strong>2. What do you feel are the key issues facing Logan in the next four years?</strong>

The key issues in the next four years are: (Listed in Alphabetical order)A People’s Government. Making our city’s elected offices servants of the people who will listen to the voice of the people and follow them.Education. Supporting our children by supporting our schools.Employment. Keeping the businesses we have, while bringing new job opportunities to Logan.Energy. Making Logan self-reliant by using the resources we have, while implementing new technology and better management.Growth of Residential and Commercial properties in Logan. I believe that we can create a plan that will work for everyone, while preserving the uniqueness of our community.Property Rights. Protect the property rights of citizens of Logan, and stop the invasion of private property.Supporting and Encouraging programs for the Youth. Such as Boys and Girls club, Sports, Scouting, The Arts, and anything that can increase the confidence our kids have in themselves.Traffic. Logan City limits haven’t changed, but city density has significantly increased, yet there have been no major changes to improve traffic. Upkeep of Infrastructure. Including Public Buildings, Roads, Bridges, Sidewalks, Canals and many other facilities that keep our city running.

<strong>3. Please describe one or two examples of decisions made by city leaders in the past five years that you disagree with, explain why you disagreed and how you would have handled the situation if you were serving in an elected position at the time.</strong>

One of the decisions that I disagree with is the park strip issue. If I had been serving on the city council at the time when this decision was made, I would have done it very differently. I have seen many homes affected by this decision, with no mercy or regard to private property. I’m not just talking about rentals. I’m talking about families who have lived in their homes for many years. I know that the city could have worked to come up with a compromise with property owners, one that would have worked for everyone, and there would not be a lawsuit against the city now.Another decision with which I disagree is the way the City Council handle the median proposal made by UDOT on HWY 89 by the old Macey’s. A median in this area is needed for safety, but there was no considerations given to the businesses along the entire road, or to the customers who shop there. I would have proposed that a turning lane be put into the median. That way customer could still have access to the business they wish to enter, without having to try entering from the back way, or making a u-turn. The city council voted 4-1 on the issue.

<strong>4. Please describe one or two examples of decisions made by city leaders in the past five years that you completely agreed with and supported, and if the issue is a lingering issue, you would continue to support if elected.</strong>

I was very pleased with the decision that the city made to have a recycling program. I have seen the garbage in the black cans dramatically decrease. I know this will benefit many generations to come.

<strong>5. Describe in your words what you believe the role of city government is?</strong>

The role of government should be as small as possible. The elected representatives need to remember they are not all powerful, but are there to serve the common good, and to uphold the values of the people. City government should be involved whenever there is a chance of anyone losing their Constitutional Rights.

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