2009 Election: Dean Quayle profile

<em>Editor’s note: CacheValleyDaily.com sent a questionnaire to all of the candidates for mayor and municipal council in Logan. We will publish the responses as we receive them.</em>

<strong>Candidate: Dean Quayle Position: Logan Municipal Council</strong>

<strong>1. Why did you file as a candidate for city service?</strong>

Incremental involvement in public service over the last 8 or 9 years has lead to this decision. It wasn’t on my life’s plan. I have had positive interactions with city officials and am impressed with their quality and commitment to the city. The window of opportunity is open for me now to serve my community. I feel I can contribute and be a positive force for good. While a city council person represents the city as a whole I feel that the west part and particularly the northwest area of the city has not been represented on the council and it is important to have some regional balance. Living in the environment leads to an understanding of the area’s needs and concerns.

<strong>2. What do you feel are the key issues facing Logan in the next four years?</strong>

I believe economics and budget issues will continue to be a challenge for the city. Tax revenues are down, but yet the demands for services are increasing. Infrastructure is aging and needs attention. There is a potential for a significant increase in the cost of energy, as the Carbon Tax becomes a reality. Growth, traffic congestion and clean air initiatives are all areas that will continue to be addressed in the future months.

<strong>3. Please describe one or two examples of decisions made by city leaders in the past five years that you disagree with, explain why you disagreed and how you would have handled the situation if you were serving in an elected position at the time.</strong>

When the city council opted out of the Coal fired Intermountain Power Project in Delta in 2006. I felt this was a serious mistake and with the understanding that I had at the time, I would have voted against opting out of the coal-fired plant. Electrical power needs are ever increasing and a future secure source has yet to be identified. It has now become a non-issue as other potential users backed away and the project is no longer on the books. Still a source of more electrical power will be needed in the future.

<strong>4. Please describe one or two examples of decisions made by city leaders in the past five years that you completely agreed with and supported, and if the issue is a lingering issue, you would continue to support if elected.</strong>

I believe the decision to build a new police station and move the City Hall into the existing police building was a good decision. It frees up the old city hall for library expansion and could facilitate the building of a new library in the future. The Park Strip initiative of May 2008 is a controversial issue. I would have supported the issue. The inner-city homes cannot be allowed to all become apartment units. A one-size decision that affects all situations is difficult to apply and I believe there must be latitude and judgment applied where needed.

<strong>5. Describe in your words what you believe the role of city government is.</strong>

City government exists to provide the basic services for the community and care for the safety, security and health of its citizens. I believe in personal responsibility and accountability for one’s own actions and government should not usurp this unless there is an absolute need.

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