Roye family still hopeful Celina will be found

The family of Celina Roye is not giving up hope. Celina’s mother, Janice Roye, and oldest brother, Will Bender, appeared at a news conference Monday afternoon, the same day Cache County Sheriff’s officials announced they would be suspending the search for the missing 18-year old girl.Celina was dropped off at the mouth of Green Canyon on August 5th for what she said would be a two day hiking trip. She hasn’t been seen since. Celina’s family has come up from Henderson, Nevada to aid searchers and conduct their own search. “We’ve been camping out, living on the mountain, hiking on foot,” Janice Roye explained, “every trail we could get a lead on that she may have been seen on or she might have had an interest in going that way or if it was in a direction she might have proceeded, that’s where we followed.” The family also provided additional details about Celina’s appearance. They say Celina has a cream-colored down jacket with gray fur around the hood and around the cuffs. “We now know she has that jacket,” Roye said. “She may be wearing that, and with the big blue backpack and the red blanket she was seen (with) those may be outstanding things to keep an eye out for besides her green shirt and green pants,” Roye explained.

Listen to the Roye family press conference and hear Cache Sheriff Lynn Nelson speak about the search being suspended.

She also has a couple of wolf or animal-type tails that she has tied to her belt and a wolf pendant necklace.”If anyone has seen her please don’t hesitate to call the Cache County Sheriffs and say that they had seen here and that would relieve a lot of stress off me and my mom and everyone else that has been searching for her in this county,” Bender said.Celina is described as someone who loves nature and loves animals, particularly wolves. She comes from a family that enjoys the outdoors, but her experience being in the wilderness is limited. “She was very interested in those survivorman shows and other groups interested in wildlife,” Bender explained, “so she was familiar with it. But as far as life experience in being out in wildlife, she didn’t have much. She was probably looking for that. I just want her to be safe while she’s doing that and have enough proper knowledge, which we didn’t feel she had.”Lt. Matt Biladeau confirmed that a make-shift shelter that had been found near Tony Grove was not constructed by Celina. “We have since had somebody call in and state that they had built it,” Biladeau said.Cache County Sheriff Lynn Nelson said that officials are suspending their backcountry search but keeping the case open. “There’s been a lot of effort put in but we’ve just got to the point where we don’t know where to look any further in the backcountry,” Nelson said.But Sheriff Nelson and others are hopeful that people in the backcountry will be watchful. “Right now is a time in the Cache National Forest where there’s a lot of people up there, a lot of people recreating, hunting seasons are coming on that will put a lot of people in the back country in the next two months and we would encourage any of those people to keep their eyes and ears open and see if anything has turned up.” The main search has been conducted by Cache County, but Sheriff Nelson said other agencies have been contacted that Celina may be making her way toward them, particularly points between Yellowstone National Park and the Sawtooth Mountains.Celina does have a four-month old German Shepherd as her companion, something that is encouraging to her brother. “That’s the one thing that is heartwarming to me, that at least she is not all alone,” Bender said. “She has some companionship out there and that does relieve a little bit of stress.”Roye also said she is concerned that people may not be taking Celina’s disappearance seriously because she is classified as an adult. “She was 17 two-and-a-half weeks before she disappeared,” Roye said.If he could offer any plea to Celina, Bender would just like her to communicate with the family. “We’re not trying to hold her back at all,” Bender said. “If she does hear any of this I would encourage her to get as much help has she needs out there, to be safe and just contact anyone and let us know what is going on with her. That’s pretty much my only plea for her, to just communicate with us.”The family needs to return to Henderson to regroup after spending several days in Cache County, but plans on returning soon to continue the search. “I do want to come back to Cache County, Northern Utah, Central Idaho and Wyoming,” Bender said. “I am a backpacker and a hiker and camper as well. So I’m going to go see if I can locate her in the forest and hopefully I turn up my sister there before the Cache County Sheriff’s office calls me and say they found something.” Bender recently returned from a 10-day backpacking trip to Yosemite and will be back in this area within the next two weeks to continue the search for his sister, alone if necessary. “I’m extremely safe and if I have to I’ll contact the Sheriff’s office and let them know I’m in town so no one has to go searching for me.”Roye also thanked all those who have turned out and dedicated so much time and effort in the search for her daughter. “Everyone in the county has been very, very helpful and no one really understands how much of an effort, a strong effort, that they have continued to give to us and to finding her since the day they began.”Roye explained that Celina moved to Cache County to live with her boyfriend and his family, who recently moved back to Logan from Henderson, Nevada.”We aren’t going to stop searching,” Roye said. “No matter what happens we’re not going to stop searching until we get confirmation that she’s safe somewhere.”

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