Full Text: Gary Jensen’s explanation of nunchuck YouTube video

“Mayor,The unfortunate YouTube video clip that has come forward is a piece of edited video that has been completely taken out of context of the actual events as they occurred. As you are aware, this has not come to light as a matter of right or wrong, good or bad, rather it has been brought up simply out of hatred of Logan City, Gary Jensen, or law enforcement in general. This piece of media does not represent me as a professional nor is it a glimpse of my character. It is simply an edited piece of video that does not depict accurately the events of that evening. To my knowledge, this was a local issue that was placed on YouTube and not reported in any other media forum. I would like to detail that evening as it occurred.Vernal City Police Department provided security for a concert several years ago. The band and stage crew were gathered together following the concert after the crowds had dispersed. For years, I was trained and certified to carry the Orcutt Police Nunchaku, similar to the way an officer may carry an ASP baton, or a PR-24. It is large and obvious on a police duty belt and seems to create attention as a novelty as not many agencies carry that type of weapon. I have been asked with interest about the Nunchaku several times over my career. The weapon is designed around the idea of being a less aggressive intermediate weapon than a night stick and is largely used as a come-along device. It is used by wrapping the tool around arms, wrists, or ankles over striking to gain compliance of a non-compliant person.On the night in question, one of the band members was asking about the Nunchaku and was obviously intrigued by the police use of the martial art tool. He asked if he could see the tool. I allowed him to look at the weapon while I continued to talk with the other band members. The gentleman took a few steps and struck his friend across the buttocks, with his friend’s permission, in a joking manner. I immediately took the weapon back, and the incident was over. I had no idea this had been filmed nor edited in such a way that it appeared the action was condoned or supported by me. This simply is not the case. Additionally, I gave out a few our (sic) police department memorabilia coins that evening. The video narrator would make it sound as if the coin were given to the individual that had been struck almost as if a “trophy” given by me for the incident. That is not the case as this incident was not condoned, nor provided for in any way by me or the Vernal City Police Department. Again, this is simply a YouTube clip that is edited out of context and simply does not represent accurately the events of that evening.Gary Jensen”

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