Lee aims to limit federal involvement in education and defecit spending

Education should be the prerogative of state and local governments and decisions regarding education should not be made in Washington, D.C. That is what Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mike Lee said at Utah State University Tuesday night. The forum was hosted by USU Young Republicans and during a question-answer period Lee was asked about his stand on education. He said we could channel more money to education more efficiently and more consistently if, and only if, we could get the federal government out of micromanaging things. “There are many who disagree with me in Congress,” Lee claimed. “This is a long-term project. I don’t harbor any delusions that we’re going to be able to change it over night. “But I think we need to move in the direction of getting the government out of the business and leaving those funds in the states where the sponsoring institutions, the sponsoring states of institutions like this one, can have more money that they can send to this institution and be less beholden to Congress, making them less beholden to Washington, D.C.” Lee also wants to limit the amount of money spent on the federal level. He said he has come to believe that government is too big and it spends too much money. “The nation has got to stop the deficit spending that is increasing at the rate of approximately $1.5 trillion a year,” Lee continued. Lee says he has a plan that he feels will appeal to both Democrats and Republicans and he wants to introduce a discussion that has been largely absent in both houses of Congress for decades. “The debate focuses on what the role of Congress is to begin with,” Lee said. “It focuses on that 223 year old document that created Congress to begin with and established important ground rules for its operation. “And more importantly, perhaps most importantly, established what I regard as the single most important principle of the Constitution, and that it is that the federal government possess limited powers. It was never intended to be all things to all people.” Lee continued by saying that both Republicans and Democrats are to blame for the big government debt and, in fact, he says Republicans are actually more to blame than Democrats. Lee says the winds of political change are in the air this year and people want less rather than more federal government. If elected, he says he would work to cut spending lest we mortgage the future of our children. Lee seeks to replace three-term Senator Bob Bennett who was defeated at the Republican State convention. Lee faces Democratic candidate Sam Granato and Constitutional candidate Scott Bradley in the November election.

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