Text of Logan Mayor Randy Watts’ State of the City Address Jan. 4, 2011

Mayor Randy WattsState of the City AddressTuesday, January 4, 2011I would first like to begin my remarks by thanking the Council, the administration and our city employees for their perseverance and help in staying balanced during this past fiscal year.Economic woes continue to trouble the entire nation, and while Logan has not been totally immune, we have weathered this passing storm with tremendous strength. I credit the hard work of our employees, the sound decision making of the city council and the prudence of our department heads and executive staff for steering us in the right direction.We have accomplished incredible things in 2010, all while minding the dollars and cents:• We have chip sealed 19 miles of roads and completed 2,600 feet of sidewalk.• We placed into service three new ambulances.• We established a disaster recovery site and a full backup network of the city’s vital records.• We continue to provide voluntary green waste services as well as recycling services; and the number of households serviced continues to increase.• We completed the design of a new fire station in southwest Logan and remodeled Station 70.• Our police and fire departments are staying current in their training and certifications and we remain one of the safest Metropolitan areas in the country.• The Parks and Recreation department received Best of State status for 2010.• We even had time to clean 78 miles of sewer mains – now that’s a dirty job!And the list goes on and on… I have included a full index of citywide accomplishments in my written report and submit it to the Council with great pride and satisfaction.When so many municipalities nation-wide are struggling to provide basic services in the face of staggering budget shortfalls and sweeping layoffs, our city maintains an 18 percent emergency reserve in the General Fund and we end 2010 with a balanced budget.Besides the bulleted list of tangible, measurable goals that we have achieved in 2010, there are numerous, uncounted acts of service every day that keep our city clean, safe and responsive. I am amazed at the number of letters that I receive from citizens thanking our employees for a job well done – they use words like… professionalism, courtesy, helpfulness and hard-working. I say to our employees, well done, and to our citizens, thank you, hearing these words make my job a lot easier.Logan is not without its problems; we need even more sidewalks, a connecting trail system, cleaner air, improved streets, storm water maintenance, light and power upgrades and risk management improvements. We also, like the rest of the country, need to decrease our unemployment.In with 2011, with your help, we will continue to work hard to improve in these areas and accomplish a new list of goals; a list of which I have enumerated in my written report.As I watch and evaluate the day to day operations of our departments, I am very proud to see the streets being plowed, solid wasted being collected, water leaks being fixed, accidents being carefully handled and electrical problems being safely dealt with. These are the things that we all take for granted, but which keep Logan’s commerce, community and quality of life solid and progressing.The state of the city is strong and we truly are, as our logo states; a City United in Service.Thank you.Environmental• Substantial decrease in accidents• Continued to provide county wide solid waste and recycling services• Number solid waste and recycling services increased this year by 450 customers• Amount of refuse collected and disposed this years is higher than last year• Amount of recyclables collected this year is higher than last year by 50 tons to 7696 tons• Started the process of partially closing parts of the existing landfill• Started the process of building new Transfer Station at the Landfill• Started the process of developing new landfill while continuing to work with NURL and Box Elder county• Continued to provide free special events services• Continued to provide voluntary green waste services and increased this years by about 500 new customers• Continued compliance with our UPDES permit through the State of Utah• Continued algae research at the Lagoons with success at different scales of work• Negotiated with the State of Utah over our TMDL compliance and obtained 7 years compliance period to allow for algae research• Contracted with Carollo Engineering for a 30 year master plan for our treatment facility• Continued to educate the public through tours of treatment facility• Had 1/2 day training for businesses on pretreatment issuesFinance• New Storage Area Network (Improved Information Technology Network)• Disaster Recovery Site and Backup Network Operational• Major software upgrade partially complete, to be completed in the coming year – making the City more productive and efficient.Finance Citywide• 18 percent emergency reserve in the General Fund• Adequate emergency reserves have been built in Enterprise and other funds.• We are making progress on Capital Improvements in our enterprise funds and somewhat in the General Fund. Fire • Took delivery of and placed into service three new medium duty ambulances which were purchased by CCEMS. Two of the ambulances are housed in Logan and one in Smithfield. • Due to a donation from a Logan Citizen we were able to place into service four new RAD 57 CO monitors. These devices measure the level of carbon monoxide in the blood stream. While they are not meant to replace blood gas draws at a hospital they are an excellent screening device and add a significant level of safety to our carbon monoxide responses in addition to our ability to monitor CO levels in firefighters at fire scenes. Logan Fire responded to about one hundred requests for Carbon Monoxide Detectors going off in residences this year.• Live-fire and practical hands-on training are essential to meet our primary mission of delivering “Timely and Effective” service. Each shift had the opportunity to train as a shift at the training tower multiple times this year. Obviously we had to backfill the stations and this costs overtime. I think everyone would agree that it was money well spent.• Logan had the opportunity to host the first ever in the state of Utah combined live-fire and command training center training at our facility this October. It was sponsored by the Utah Fire and Rescue Academy and supported by many of their instructors and staff. I believe this could become the flagship training program for the academy over the years and we did it here first.• After overcoming obstacle after obstacle we now have the ability to send 12-lead EKG transmissions to both hospitals directly from the scene of a medical emergency.• Working with the State of Utah EMS Bureau and Dr. Redd our medical control doctor we have a final draft for a new destination protocol. This provides clear guidelines for which hospital patients should be transported to. • We have completed the research necessary and made a decision on which reporting software we need to switch to. We have negotiated an agreement between CCEMS, Logan Fire, Cache County Fire District and Cache County Ambulance in which we can share the costs of upgrading to Image Trend software. This new software should cut the time needed to complete a report by 50%. When you run 20 calls a day that’s 10 to 12 hours savings not to mention the boost in moral.• Hired Craig Humphreys as the new Fire Marshal to replace Fire Marshal Hunsaker who retired.• Completed the Department of Energy Grant remodel for Station 70 which included:a. New overhead doorsb. New energy efficient lightingc. New energy efficient furnaces and ACd. Double pane windowse. New sliding door upstairsf. Insulate dayroom wall• Completed the design of a new fire station in the southwest area of Logan.• Completed the new EOC operations annex to the Logan City Emergency Operations Plan.• Completed additional NIMS training as required to be eligible for Federal Grants.• Launched the VOAD coordinator• Provided CERT Training to 400 people in 13 different classes. While we did not teach all of the classes the final practical’s we held at the training tower.• CERT exercise for the Wilson area CERT. • Continued with the Company Inspection program• Cache Technical Rescue Team made more advancements than any previous year. This was due to entering into the Northern Utah Technical Rescue Working group. The working group facilitated access to much improved training opportunities. Instructors have come to provide the most advanced training we have ever received in areas such as Rope Rescue, Trench Collapse Rescue and Confined Space Rescue. The Technical Rescue Team was able to take advantage of the multiple props developed at the training tower for that purpose, such as Silo Rescue, High Angle Scenarios, and Heavy Rescue Incidents involving concrete lifting and cutting. • Continued the Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) training for department members. We used this team several times for defusing following critical events. This is an investment in the long-term mental health of Logan Fire Personnel.• Completed our FAA required annual Airport Firefighter Certification• We have responded to about 4200 calls this year and will most likely make 4400 by the end of the year. As the community grows so does our call volume. A complete analysis will be coming after the first of the year but it appears we will increase about 400 calls this year over last year which equates to about 9% increase. • Provided firefighters to assist with several large out-of-county wild land fires, including the much publicized “Herriman Fire”. All costs were completely reimbursed to Logan City.• Continued participation with the Northern Utah Homeland Security Coalition.• Continued Incident Support Team Training which, in theory more easily allows neighboring counties to provide assistance to each other with management level personnel at large-scale incidents.• Gave multiple presentations around the State of Utah about the lessons learned from the landslide• Convened a special committee with the help of the Risk Management Division to look at ways we can minimize the risks associated with late night out of county transfers and tasked that committee to come back with recommendations to the Fire Chief.• Provided School Presentations at 9 schools to about 600 kids• Continued support of the Public Education Coalition which provides radio, newspaper and movie house safety ads. Light & Power• Interconnection Agreement signed with RMP for of our new 138 to 46 kV Substation in northwest Logan.• Began construction of the new Dewitt Hydro Electric Plant that will provide enough Renewable Energy for 175 Logan City residents.• Signed an MOU with Porcupine Reservoir Company to study the feasibility of rebuilding the old Porcupine Hydro Plant for Logan City development.• Negotiated the settlement of the IPP-3 law suit allowing Logan to recoup all of our original investment in this project of nearly $300,000.• Light & Power relocated our Administration from the Service Center to Main Street location.• Passed our tri-annual FERC inspection of Logan City Hydro Plants with flying colors.• Completed our 6th West 46 kV transmission line that will enable us to separate our two transmission systems with the new substation.• Transferred all of our most critical load customers in our industrial park to Sub #5, which is our newest and most reliable substation. (RR Donnelley, Tyco, Campbell’s Scientific, Schrieber’s, and Dupont) This will greatly reduce their risk and exposure for future outage problems, and will become more reliable when Sub #7 is completed.• We rebuilt the power lines from our Logan Canyon Hydro Plants feeding into Sub #2 so that in an emergency situation, the Hydro Plants could be used to feed the hospital circuit during a major disaster situation when all other transmission power systems feeding the valley are shut down. Parks & Recreation• Achieved Best of State status for 2010• Refined functionality of the Department Safety Committee• Completed annual citizen questionnaire to meet requirements for Department Marketing Plan• Pursued ARRA grants where we qualify• Pursued RAPZ grants for projects listed on Department Capital Schedule• Pursued LWCF grant for 1700 South Park construction• Pursued State Non-Motorized Trail Grant for 1700 South footbridge• Implemented Recreation Programming Plan – address weather impacts to Adult Softball program• Reduced utility costs for Recreation Center and Aquatic Center• Evaluated Outdoor Asphalt Tennis Courts• Refined Park Reservation process• Removed outdoor storage area at Service Center• Construction of Majestic Park• Completed Boulevard Trail Project• Completed Gateway Park Project• Finalized funding estimates for Logan Canyon Gateway Trail Project• Completed volunteer Project at 1800 South Trail Corridor• Constructed new bandshell at Willow Park• Completed Lynn and Merle Olsen Park Project• Identified condition of service roads in Cemetery and prioritized replacement• Conducted traffic impact study for Second Dam Park• Conducted cultural/historical assessment for structures at Second Dam to address Forest Service requirements• Completed non-profit status for Willow Park Zoo• Prepared for new Zoo Gift Shop• Improved Zoo fund-raising events• Hired new Zoo Education Coordinator• Completion of City-owned Park strips on 1500 North and 2000 East in Deer Crest• Worked with UDOT on 1000 West project plans from Rainbow Court to 200 South• Prepared for second phase of Northwest Park project• Began design plans for Jones Park• Prepared procurement procedures for design consultant for 1000 West/Logan River Trail project• Coordinated work details with Public Works Department for burial of canal water line in Lundstrom Park• Golf ball netting installed on golf course #2 fairway, #6 tee, and #16 tee with assistance from Logan Light and Power Department personnel addressed various site amenities and facilities for OSHA and ADA requirementsPolice• Completion of the back-up EOC center• Rolling stock improvements• Spillman merger with the Cache County Sheriff’s Office• Red Spur/Pisgah communication towers• Stop the main Distraction program and grant• Implementation of Lexipol Police Policy• Safest Metropolitan area in the U.S.• Police AccreditationPublic Works• 100 East completed from 300 South to Providence Lane – Provides an additional transportation route across the Logan River for residents going and coming from the South of Logan• West Regional Force Main – Increases sewer collection capacity in the southwest portion of Logan• Improved HVAC performance for many city buildings, and help with Environmental Building• Completion of Brine Basin at the Service Center – Provides a low cost alternative to expensive chemicals for helping with snow removal• Chip sealed approximately 19 miles of roads• Main Street Sidewalk from 100 North to Center Street including new water services• Installed new radio meters throughout Logan for all water services• Completion of 1700 South railroad crossing improvement• Completion of 2,600 feet of sidewalks• Reconstructed 13 ADA radius corners• Demolition of homes along 200 East by the Transit Center• Constructed 1200 West Water Main• Purchase of properties on Canyon Road adjacent to the landslide area• Cleaning and videoing of approximately 78 miles of sewer mains• Installed new 12 inch water main in Church Street• Library and Service Center remodels 2011 Goals• Complete major software upgrade for Utility Billing and Community Development• Keep improving our investment in Capital Projects • 200 East, 10th West and 2500 North Work • Substation 1800 North Complete • Porcupine Dam Study• Turbine on Dewitt water line • Continued rolling stock improvement (Police)• Re-focus on Community Policing programs (Police)• Implement Advanced Vehicle Locator (AVL) Spillman software (Police)• Implement a Less Lethal program in the Patrol Division (Police)

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