2011 Election Results

2011 Election races will be updated as results come in once polls close at 8 p.m. Tuesday. Keep checking back throughout the evening.

<strong>Logan (final)</strong>

Angela Fonnesbeck 1472 14.21 %

<strong>Tom Jensen 2014 19.44 %</strong>

<strong>Herm Olsen 2148 20.73 %</strong>

Jeannie Simmonds 1445 13.95 %Doug Thompson 1494 14.42 %

<strong>Karl Ward 1788 17.26 %</strong>

<em>11.66 % voter turnout</em>

<strong>North Logan (final)</strong>

<strong>Kristen Godfrey Anderson 566Roger T. Anderson 587Damon Cann 608</strong>

L. Alan Collins 387Brad Crookston 542Chris Nelson 426

<em>22.5% voter turnout</em>

<em>13 outstanding provisional ballots, 11 absentee ballots not yet received</em>

<strong>Hyrum (final)</strong>

Patrick Phippen 235

<strong>James Aaron Woolstenhulm 381</strong>

<strong>Stephanie Miller* 507</strong>

Thomas C. LaBau* 331

<strong>Martin Felix* 359</strong>

<em>18% voter turnout</em>

<strong>Smithfield (final)</strong>

<strong>Jeffery H. Barnes 438Brent C. Buttars* 552</strong>

Brooks Hansen 404Michael Oliverson* – withdrew from race E. Paul Prendergast 80Sara F. Scott 283

<strong>Dennis W. Watkins 637</strong>

<strong>Hyde Park (final)</strong>

<strong>Bob Christensen 474Brent Kelly 364Bret Randall 429</strong>

Dan Rust 221Jon Trauntvein 1904 provisional ballots

<strong>River Heights (final)</strong>

<em>Three 4-year seats</em>

Skyler Tidwell – 72Bob Green – 135Thomas Smallwood

<strong>Richard Okelberry – 208</strong>

Patricia Parker – 124

<strong>Dixie Wilson – 239Blake Wright* – 276</strong>


Terrie Wierenga* (fulfilling the remaining 2 yrs on a 4yr term that was vacated)

<em>4 year terms</em>

Paul Erickson*Jeff Young*CJ SorensonPaul Chaffee dropped out of the race. As a result, there are not enough challengers for the other positions and those running are effectively elected, regardless of Tuesday’s outcome.

<strong>Millville (final)</strong>

<em>One 2-year seat</em>

James W. Blotter – 103

<strong>Julianne Duffin – 170</strong>

<em>Three 4-year seats</em>

<strong>Cindy Cummings – 182</strong>

John E. Johnson – 143

<strong>Mark Thacker – 209Mark L. Williams – 219</strong>

<strong>Nibley (final)</strong>

Kathryn Anhder Beus 313

<strong>Carrie Cook 322</strong>

Joshua Frazier 285

<strong>Larry E. Jacobsen* 401Shawn B. Platt 329</strong>

Michael W. Smith 244

<em>26% voter turnout</em>

<strong>Amalga (final)</strong>

<em>Two 4-year seats</em>

<strong>Grant Kofford 77Scott Gittins 78</strong>

Rick Fonnesbeck 36

<em>One 2-year seat</em>

<strong>John Clark 78</strong>

<strong>Newton (final)</strong>

<em>Two four year seats.</em>

Ken Jensen 78

<strong>Matt Phillips 99Jed Woodward* 135</strong>

<em>36% voter turnout</em>

<strong>Clarkston (final)</strong>

<strong>Richie Calderwood 111Ann J. Godfrey 114</strong>

Mike Miller 79Nathan Whiting 73

<strong>Wellsville (final)</strong>

<strong>Gary Bates 474</strong>

<strong>Carl Leatham 426</strong>

<strong>Glenna I. Petersen 382</strong>

Kevin Madsen Tingey 112Randy Wall 241

<strong>Brigham City (final)</strong>

<em>Three 4-year seats</em>

<strong>Ruth V. Jensen* 1,251 – 20.18%</strong>

Robert J. Marabella* 1,025 – 16.53%Brett R. Reeder 988 – 15.94%

<strong>Brian W. Rex 1,220 – 19.68%</strong>

<strong>Mark Arnold Thompson 1,688 – 27.23%</strong>

Write-ins 28 – .45%

<em>25.56% voter turnout</em>


<em>Three 4-year seats</em>

<strong>Diana Doutre* 446 – 28.52%</strong>

John Losee 258 – 16.5%

<strong>Jeff Reese* 442 – 28.26%</strong>

<strong>Byron P. Wood* 409 – 26.15%</strong>

<em>17.55% voter turnout</em>


<em>Three 4-year seats</em>

Boyd Montgomery 168- 9.27%

<strong>Todd Christensen 435 – 23.99%</strong>

<strong>Peter Gerlach 464 – 25.59%</strong>

<strong>Jana Nielson 477 – 26.31%</strong>

Don Higley 262- 14.45%

<strong>Garden City (final)</strong>

<em>Two 4 year seats</em>

<strong>Bess Huefner*109</strong>

Mike Leonhardt* 59

<strong>Darin Pugmire 125</strong>

<em>One 2 year seat</em>

Pat Argyle 140



F. Lee Hendrickson 271

<em>City Council</em>

Saudra T. Hubbard 244Neal P. Larson 247


<strong>Larry Palmer 54</strong>

Brad Povey 41

<strong>D. Lane Morgan 44</strong>


Ryan Beckstead 25Josh Taylor 29



Jeremy Kimpton 54

<em>City Council</em>

Jarod Hatch 53J. Todd Hawkes 53


<strong>Gaylin S. Fuller 75Orthea C. Moser 70</strong>

Lyle Wiltse 27

<strong>Fairview Water District Water Revenue Bond</strong>

Total in Favor 89Total Against 45


<em>Municipalities that have canceled elections:</em>



Ralph CallBill Bagley*John Russell


Jay RinderknechtMargaret Obray


Kelly BarrettMonte Gregg TaylorShawn K. Osborne


Jeffrey W. Hall*Kim (Fizz) Bodily*Stacie J. Prescott*indicates incumbent

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