Stew Morrill Quotes 1-31-2012

STEW MORRILL QUOTESThe following are quotes from Utah State men’s basketball coach Stew Morrill prior to its Western Athletic Conference road game at Nevada Thursday night.Opening Comments:”I think we have to many road games, out on the road again. Obviously a big challenge both nights, but certainly the first one you realize that they’re on a role and have won 15 straight. We lost to them at home and it’s certainly a big challenge, if we are going to compete with them at all we’ve got to do a much better job than we did here in Logan, in several areas. First one, obviously rebounding is always and issue for us. That was probably the main stat of that game. As I have watched that game multiple times we were really bad defensively in our game prep. We prepared a lot of things and then got in the game and didn’t handle them after prepping them. We’ve got to do a better job in that area if we’re going to have a chance to compete. And obviously when we turn around and go to Fresno State, they have basically been snake bit in close game after close game, much like San Jose State was last Saturday. Their record really doesn’t tell the story in terms of their chance to win games and they’re going to jump up and win some. They have had five road games and two home games. They’re going to definitely jump up and win some games and they’ve been close as it is. So that’s what we’re facing this week and we will head out tomorrow.”On Nevada’s Lack of National Attention:”I have never really understood how that all works, we have been in that position before and it doesn’t seem right. They’ve had a very good schedule and certainly when you have won 15 straight, people should be aware of it at this point. I think they are very talented and they now have much more experience obviously with five starters returning. They’re playing very good defense, they’re holding opponents way down and shooting a high percentage. There just doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of negatives in their team or the way that they’re playing. It’s to bad, that is all I can say about that. I don’t really know why it’s that way but it sometimes is with our league and it’s to bad that more people aren’t aware of them.”On Nevada’s Struggles At Louisiana Tech:”I haven’t watched that one yet, I have mostly been focusing on our game and on our prep. (Louisiana Tech) presses you a ton on their court and they were coming off a number of wins. One stat I saw was four assist to 20 turnovers, that would probably tell you what they did. Pressed the heck out of them and they struggled passing the ball. What Louisiana Tech does, that is kind of their game plan night in and night out, with their athleticism and their quickness. So I would guess that is what happened.”On Nevada’s Deonte Burton:” He is having a fabulous year. I said when we played them last time, I thought that he was better than the two guys that are in the NBA right now. And that’s saying a mouth full because those are two really good point guards. He does it all, he can shoot it, he can drive it, he’s athletic, he can guard you and he’s really a good guard.”On Playing UC Santa Barbara In The BracketBuster Game:”Been there done that, I guess is one reaction. We’ve drawn them before. It’s positive in a sense that it renews an old Big West rivalry. It’s positive in a sense that when we have to return the game we’re not going to Siberia, we’re going to a great spot. The fact that we’re not in one of the marquee games and we’re still drawing a really good opponent whose right at the top of their league, right behind Long Beach State, tells you that they look at a lot of comparative RPI’s and they have got six seniors. I thought we got a tough draw, they probably think the same thing because we are at home. That’s the nature of BracketBuster, you’re going to get a pretty good opponent.”On Kyisean Reed Staying Out of Foul Trouble In This Game Against Nevada:”They went right at him and he didn’t physical up, he didn’t man up, whatever you want to call it. He’s got to get more physical or they’ll dominate him again and that has been the thing we have been pushing all year with Kyisean. When he can play in space like he did against San Jose State, boy he is hard to stop, but when people get really physical with him it has been a problem. He’s got to respond to that, it’s time.”On Morgan Grim’s Health:”Morgan Grim, it’s just a pain day after day. His ankle is an issue every single day, some days are a little better than others. Frustrating for him, for me, frustrating.”

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