Instead of campaigning for office, campaign for food

Tuesday was primary election day and if anyone had a sign in their yard for their favorite candidate, who won, the sign won’t be needed until closer to the November election.

So what to do with those signs? Michelle King, of the Cache Community Food Pantry board, has an idea. She says the food pantry has about 500 signs they would like to get out to people to raise awareness of the need of donations for a new food pantry building.

“We’re hoping that people would be willing to come to the food pantry or contact me and collect a sign from the food pantry,” King says.

She encourages people to “replace their political sign with a food pantry sign after Tuesday because they won’t be needing them after that. Then keep them up all summer long and when they’re ready to campaign again for the November election then replace their political sign and return their food pantry sign to the food pantry.”

King encourages the pubic to put up signs and make donations as well. Construction has begun on the new facility but private donations are needed to help complete its construction. For more information call 227-5081.

Official Press Release

Special Request from the Cache Community Food Pantry:

Do you have a campaign sign in your yard? The Primary election is this Tuesday, and after it is over candidates will not need signs up for several months. But the food pantry does have signs they need placed. We are requesting that after June 26th, you replace your candidate’s sign with a Food Pantry sign until the campaign season rolls around again this fall, when you can replace your candidate’s sign or return it to them. If you are a former candidate and would like to donate your stands, please bring them by the food pantry or contact Michelle King at 435-227-5081.

Q. How can I get a sign?

A. Come by the food pantry (We are working out of a trailer behind where the old building was) or contact Michelle King (435.227.5081) and request a sign.

Q. What if I don’t have a campaign sign in my yard?

A. The food pantry has stands for at least half of the signs, so you can use one of ours.

Q. Why does the Food Pantry need signs?

A. Although much of the money for the new building has been raised, we are still shy of our fundraising goal and need additional donations to complete the building.

Q. What does the sign look like?

A. It is 6×12 inches and says “I $upport the Cache Food Pantry”

Q. Why does the Food Pantry need a new building?

A. With population growth and a sluggish economy, the food pantry was not able to store and distribute food in accordance with growing demand.

Q. Where should I put the sign when I am done with it?

A. Return it to the Food Pantry or to Michelle King.

Q. How else can I help the food pantry?

A. Please feel free to make a donation, and encourage your friends and neighbors to put up signs and donate as well. You can also donate food or volunteer your time.

Q. How can I find out more about the food pantry?

A. Go to

Michelle King

Food Pantry Board of Trustees

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