Cache GOP chair would like to see more guns in schools


If more people had concealed weapons fewer people would have been killed at the school in Connecticut or some of the other shootings President Obama has been talking about. That’s the belief of Cache County Republican Party Chairman Boyd Pugmire.

He says teachers and other school officials should be able to have a gun.

“I see nothing wrong with having people who are armed in the school,” Pugmire says. “Actually, I have nothing wrong with having concealed weapons licenses so people can protect themselves and their families.”

Pugmire says, however, that a teacher should not be forced to be armed if it makes him or her uncomfortable. He says, in his opinion, no law is the best law.

“I do think that if a person chooses to carry there should be means to do so,” Pugmire continues.

Pugmire doesn’t blame the Connecticut shooting on guns.

“It’s not the guns that killed those people. They can use any weapon to kill people. They proved that out in Casper, Wyoming last month when a guy used an arrow and a knife to kill people. As far as guns go, I would not do anything to lose my 2nd Amendment rights. The second we do we can no longer be a free people.”

Pugmire says he blames the problem on the way children have been desensitized about human life through video games and various movies.

Also, he says, parents are at fault but when they try to discipline their children they just run to a social worker or other organization. He says   when bad things happen we blame it on a “tool” instead of realizing society is to blame.

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