To the Editor of the Cache Valley Daily

Keeping our community clean and free of graffiti

To the editor of the Cache Valley Daily:

The water tower on the cliff at the beginning of Logan Canyon belongs to the City of Logan. For a long time, it was a popular place for young adults to hike to and many spray painted messages or pictures on the abandoned concrete walls. This was always illegal, considered by law as trespassing and vandalism. Recently the City has decided to paint over the concrete walls and eventually open the path and area to the public.

In June I made the decision to hike up to the tower, passing the police tape and no-trespassing signs on the way. I brought a can of spray paint with me, and while I was there painted the word “DRIP” among the other graffiti. The Logan City police caught me red handed, and I was given two citations, one for trespassing and the other for having the spray paint. It is one of my deepest regrets

I know what I did was wrong, but more importantly, I have come to realize why it was wrong. Logan is a beautiful place. One of the defining features of our community is our canyons. They are teaming with life, both animal and plant, and are a significant tourist attraction. Thousands of people in every season enjoy these canyons by camping, having bonfires, fishing, rock climbing, hiking, and many other outdoor activities. Our canyons and outdoor features are beautiful and for the most part, graffiti free. Keeping our community and these canyons free of ugly vandalism will attract more people in the coming years and give Logan the reputation of a safe, friendly, and family safe environment that it deserves.

The graffiti at the water tower has long been an eyesore to the public, and my actions only supported this ugly sight. It was my first time breaking the law, and it definitely will be my last. I love Logan and its beauty; I love the outdoors and will do everything I can to keep our community beautiful, attractive, and appealing. We live in a place of rich history and many opportunities for fun and unique experiences, and I am grateful for the chance to be a part of that.


Jameson Daines

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