Virginia Ester Shick Leonard Platt

March 6, 1917 – November 7, 2014

Some of the luckiest people in the world were those who knew Virginia Esther (Schick) Platt. She was born March 6, 1917 and grew up in Montpelier, Idaho, married Rodney Boyd Leonard in Salt Lake City, Utah and raised four daughters in Cedar City, Utah. Her later years were spent with her daughters in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, Astoria, Oregon and Wellsville, Utah.

Her passing saddens the family, but they are comforted to know that she has gone on to meet those waiting for her beyond the veil. Virginia left a legacy of joy and friendship that will not be forgotten. The rules that governed her life made the world a better place. Here are a few of her special rules to live by, for those who never knew her:

Always wear Este Lauder perfume, as it is the best accessory to crisply ironed white pants and matching bags and bracelets. Make sure to have Roland do your hair every week because he is the only one who can keep it just the right shade of red.
Even though you are a very young widow of four daughters and no sons, be ready for frequent gunfights with the best pistols in town, which are made from empty syringes from Dr. Brown’s office, where you worked as a nurse for over 20 years. Give pistols to would-be bandits in the neighborhood for frequent over-the-fence water fights. Keep all of your old clothes in a wood barrel in the garage for your girls to play dress up. Your high-fashion hand-me-downs will be their paradise. In August, take them on the greatest shopping day of the year to JCPenny for school clothes and forget for one day that you are a single mother on a tight budget. Sing often in your beautiful alto voice, for this will echo in your children’s ears for the rest of their lives. At Schick reunions, never fail to join with your sisters in the traditional “I Love You Truly” song, no matter how many times it makes everyone cry.

When anybody comes to the door, welcome them into your immaculate home and make sure everybody inside comes to welcome the new friend. Never let anybody leave without a candy bar from your not-so-secret stash of Hershey’s with Almonds and Snickers.
If company is staying the night, make sure to always have a red Jello with bananas and fruit cocktail in the fridge, and have a movie party that night with ice cream and chocolate syrup, topped with whipped cream and lots of nuts. If the company includes grandchildren and it’s warm out, make sure to give them a popsicle and send them to the backyard to enjoy the perfectly manicured lawn and “posies” you have planted each spring. And yes, anything with petals is a “posy” – it’s just easier that way. Let the grandchildren keep you up as long as they want at night, but be the first one dressed and perfectly made up in the morning. Always be ready for more fun!

Grandkids always like to get sick or injured at Grandma’s house, because they can expect the best nursing care in town with world class Peroxide/Neosporin treatments and royal Vix VapoRub remedies to the chest, covered with a plastic bag. Remind them that fumes open the bronchioles!!

If you are invited to an outing, make sure to bring your famous homemade rolls covered in melted butter, because butter makes everything taste better. Have sewing club once a month for 35 years, even though you don’t know how to sew. If you want to enjoy your widow friends more than once a month, meet them at the Burger King for a Whopper and a Pepsi, and then drag Main. If you don’t want a burger, go to Dairy Queen. Order one cone and share.

When you go to town, be prepared for an entire day’s outing, because everyone will know you by name and want to stop and chat. Make every person feel like they are your very best friend in the whole world, even if you just met them.

Grandma’s family knows that heaven is in for a treat. Every angel will soon know her by name, and be asked to share an ice cream cone. It is always more fun to share.

Virginia is preceded in death by two husbands, Rodney Boyd Leonard and Ralph Browning Platt, one daughter, Janet Leonard, and six sisters and two brothers. She is survived by: Judy Rider, Jillyn and Richard Ostergaard, and Joan and Doug Lords, and their families. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Nyman Funeral Home in Providence. Her funeral service will be held in Cedar City, Utah at 12:30 pm in the LDS 9th Ward Chapel located at 256 South 900 West, with a viewing held 11 am to 12 pm prior to services. Interment will be in the Cedar City Cemetery. Condolence may be sent to the family at

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