Stop Tax Increase

  Politico ( an organization that is not conservative) recently released an article which stated that in the past 6 years taxpayers have paid 7 billion dollars to improve our dismal school outcomes nationally. After 6 years the results show that 2/3 of schools showed no gain and 1/3 were worse. Despite this the call has gone out that they need more money. 

<div>  The progressive ideology has been driving education for a long time, but in 1992 Marc Tucker who is a socialist and who is the president and CFO of the National Center on Education and the Economy ( this is a nongovernmental organization) wrote a letter to the Clintons offering a plan to take over the US educational system to utilize it, so that it could control the schools in order to meet the needs of national economic planning of the workforce agenda. He is deeply connected with Bill Gates and Gates has used his money to promote this agenda.  The NCEE and Hillary developed a “model education plan” to manage “human resource development” which has been instituted in this country. Mr. Tucker is an organizational leader for “Standards Based Education” which have been adopted and utilized here in Utah. He has  BA in philosophy and a MA in Special Studies, hardly a an expert in education. His system is straight from Marxism, it utilizes a labor market board at the local, state, and federal level to coordinate what is taught and needed for government and big business. Pres. GHW Bush signed an international agreement sponsored by the UN that proposed 8 goals to guide national education. Each person in Cache Valley needs to ask themselves if the purpose of education is to benefit the state and that their children should be a resource to be used by the government? </div><div>  What is interesting is that there are thousands of nongovernmental organizations that are all tied in some way to world government. Sustained development is based on the the UN conference in 1994 to “Protect World Resources” It’s purpose is to identify, manage, and control All the worlds’ assets. These people have been ingenious at how effectively they have infiltrated government, business, universities, etc. These NGO’s like the World Wildlife Fund, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, etc’s, purpose is to bring about their definition of “sustainable development.”  All of these people are socialists, marxists, or communists dedicated to the idea that the world has too many people using too much of the earths resources, they also think they should monitor, manage, and preserve the resources. They do not believe in individual rights, or property rights, this is why the US government continues to pay for Planned Parenthood and why property taxes continually increase, and why education never achieves it’s stated goal, in 2004 Bush authorized 970 million of tax $’s to “generate more money for projects like “sustainable development”, clean energy, etc. This set up by law a socialistic transfer of wealth mechanism in every local government to promote sustainable development the expense of property rights. Bill Gates, General Motors, Duponty, 3M, Coca Cola, Sony, British Petroleum, Walmart, and many other big businesses contribute to sustainable development. Again government has been using taxpayers to pay the costs and incrementally have been destroying property rights. Typically most people do not pay attention unless they are affected and then they have no idea what to do. What needs to be done is to take time to learn about what is happening and stop paying the bill.</div><div>  Today there are 93 million people in this country not working. There are 46 million people on foodstamps. We have spent 40 trillion on poverty since LBJ and we now have more people in poverty. Our debt is 18.5 trillion and the IMF itself is saying that a collapse is coming, and yet our government wants more money to waste.</div><div>  Say no to increased taxes and demand accountability of our local government.</div>

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