Locals at the Summerfest Arts Festival talk about their dads

In featuring these stories about non-traditional fathers we wanted to ask the locals what made their dad so special. We spoke to people at the Summerfest Arts Festival and here’s what they said.

“He’s my role model,” said Lee Shaw from Pocatello. “He’s the biggest inspiration I have in life.”

Addy Russell was at the Summerfest with her friends Kennedy Reese and Izzi Rudd. She said, “He’s really special because he helps me with sports.”

“I feel like I can talk to him about anything,” Reese said.

Rudd said, “He’s just super funny and always makes me happy when I’m really not happy.”

When Henry Olson’s little sister Jane was thinking about how to answer, he jumped in and said, “He earns money for our family and he builds a lot of stuff.”

Jessica Larsen from Smithfield said, “My father has always been there for me when I’ve really needed him.”

Jane Olson got excited when she thought of what she wanted to say about her dad. She said, “I like fishing with him.”

Big brother Henry Olson had a lot to say about his dad and said, “I was gonna do a campout with scout camp. And he’s coming with me to sleep there with me.”

Shenny from Providence said, “My grandpa lives on a ranch in Montana and he’s always there for me.”

“How creative he is and hard working,” said Joseph Maughan.

Hagen Smith said, “He’d do anything for his family, that’s what I like about my dad.”

“Uhm, that he lets me eat candy,” said Lindsey Buckley.

Chloe Buckley whispered in her mom’s ear, “He gives her tons of hugs.”

“He’s always making people laugh doing funny things,” said Luana Mortensen.

Theodore Dunn said, “I like him when he plays with me.”

Frankie Dunn said, “He tells jokes.”

Knox Dunn tried his best to tell us what he liked about his dad in his toddler-talk.

Gabriel Dunn said, “He’d always take time for us.”

And Aramis Dunn said, “Uhm, I don’t know.”

To all the dads out there regardless of how you came to be, be you fathers, grandfathers, uncles or just a man who decided to step up to the plate, KVNU News wishes you a happy Father’s Day.

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