By Jove, I think he’s got it! (Almost)

I think the Cache County Republican Party Chairman (Boyd Pugmire) has figured it out–almost.

He was quoted in an article in Cache Valley dated Nov. 4 as follows:

“A vote for McMullin is a vote for Hillary Clinton,” Pugmire exclaims. “I don’t know how many times that needs to be said. It’s only going to come down to one or two people winning the presidency. 

“If anyone even considers themselves a Republican, and does anything to benefit Hillary Clinton, as far as I’m concerned they shouldn’t even be in the Republican Party.”

This brings up two points; we’ll take the last one first.  If he thinks a person refusing to vote for a man that they think would be a terrible president for our country “shouldn’t even be in the Republican Party,” then he’s beginning to see the picture.  A party who wants me to get behind a man so basically flawed as Donald Trump isn’t the Republican Party I remember from 20 years ago, and I frankly wouldn’t want to be a member of that party any more.  If the party can’t put forth good people as candidates, they shouldn’t expect to get votes.

The Republican Party had better get back to what it stood for, or the people who still have those values will find somewhere else to go, and won’t need Mr. Pugmire’s urgings to leave the Republican Party.  People are looking for a party that represents them, because the Republican Party isn’t doing a very good job of representing them in several areas this year.

The other idea he raises is wondering how often the point needs to be stated that “A vote for McMullin is a vote for Hillary Clinton.”  I think I can explain that:  It’s not true.  That’s why people aren’t believing it.  I’ve heard this so many times in the last four months, but I’ve never heard anyone give me an alternative method of showing that I will not support either of the two major candidates.   Until somebody can show me that I can vote for Donald while simultaneously indicating that I think he would be a horrendous person to have as our president and won’t support him in his bid for the presidency in any way, I won’t be voting for him.  If Donald loses the election in any area, it will be because he wasn’t a good enough candidate, not because someone stole his votes.

You may not be aware of it, but the Democratic party is saying the same thing: “A vote for anyone but Hillary is a vote for Donald.”  So, it seems like a vote for a third party candidate will actually be a vote for three different people!  Evidently 2016 is the year of bonus votes, depending on which candidate you select.

I won’t be voting for Hillary, either.  Again, how can I state that I think she would be just as bad as Donald if I were to somehow vote for her?   I refuse to support with my vote either of the two least liked candidates ever to run for president (and in my opinion, the two candidates with the worst credentials to be our president).  I will find someone who is a good person, willing to put the needs of other people first, and capable of executing the many duties of the President of the United States, and that’s not Donald or Hillary.

The rarely discussed flip side of the message, “A vote for anyone but Donald is a vote for Hillary,” is the corollary to that statement: “A vote for Donald means you fully support him as president.”  Nobody is going to try to figure out how many of the votes for Donald were people who just didn’t want to vote for Hillary.  So, if you believe the message Mr. Pugmire wants you to believe, then you’re also going to have to accept that peoples are going to lump you in with all of the people who think it’s a fantastic idea for a guy like Donald Trump to lead our country.

Frankly, I wouldn’t trust either Donald or Hillary to properly take care of a snake.

And I don’t even <strong>like</strong> snakes.

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