COLUMN: Now What?

It happened.

The American people—but not a majority of them—voted into the most powerful office on the planet a man who has exhibited on a consistent basis definitive signs of mental instability. They placed winning over reason. They overlooked the obvious deficiencies of their doppelgänger as a means to stick it to people they do not like. They wanted it. They got it. The world owns it.

Now what?

I cannot answer that question fully. I can only tell you what I see coming for me. And I do not feel like writing in prose. The AP Style seems cumbersome as I sit here typing. I will scribe this column in short blurbs.

— The President-elect of the United States admitted to being a sexual predator. Either that, or he consciously lied about being a sexual predator because he thought such a creature would impress the people he was talking with on the multiple occasions he bragged about his exploits.

In future CVD columns, it is my intention to refer to him as President Sexual Predator. I may shorten it to PSP (in lieu of POTUS) on repeat references. This is not libel, as his own words preclude me from being guilty of such a charge. If my editor vetoes my edict, I will make a decision on how to proceed with future columns. But I will not use his name. I certainly will not use his name preceded with the word president.

— On January 20th, 2017, I will most likely be in Utah. I am hoping my upcoming trip to Philadelphia will be extended past that date. But the odds are strong I will be in the Beehive State on that day. I will not watch the ceremony that will take place in Washington, D.C. at high noon on that day.

One of my earliest memories in life was sitting in my 1st grade classroom watching the inauguration of Jimmy Carter as President of the United States. My teacher tried hard to instill in a group of 6 year-old kids that this was a big deal. In my case, she succeeded.

I will not consider the ceremony to take place soon to be a time for celebration. The man who will take the oath of office will sully it, irrevocably and forever, the very moment he speaks the words, “So help me God.”

On that note, when the man will take that oath on January 20th walks into a room, what person that has any sense of decency and commonly-held morality will stand and applaud? Does being the President of the United States offer some form of blanket amnesty for the total lack of character, courage, civility and integrity that is emblematic in the man who will soon hold that office?

— Many have proclaimed that this election will prompt them to leave the country. I readily admit that if I had the means and the available avenue to do so, I would. In my current state, I do not believe that this would be feasible. I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Making such a drastic move would require a level of fortitude that I do not currently possess. Perhaps I should take up the offer of the anonymous troll who has offered to set up a fund to help me leave Utah. I say now that if any one person or entity hands me money to leave, I will put it in a bank account set aside for that sole purpose. Make it bountiful enough, and I will leave the country.

Barring that implausibility, I am actively seeking to leave Utah. The easiest road out of this place is to return to my beloved hometown of Philadelphia. While The City of Brotherly Love voted by a margin of over 440,000 to reject Orange Hitler, Pennsylvania as a state endorsed his sociopathy. If I move home I live in a city I love, but a state I abhor. If I stay in Utah, I do likewise.

For the first time in my life, I envy the people who live in New Jersey. Madness.

— As a personal form of protest, I have chosen to use a black square as my profile picture on social networking sites. I may do this for a week or for four years. I should remind myself daily that November 8th was not a one-off event that will ever be acceptable. My opinion of this man and the danger he poses to civilization will not dissipate. I must remind myself as time goes by, that resistance is necessary.

I have not decided if I will partake in other forms of protest. The one act of defiance I am considering is to be absent from an area when the Pledge of Allegiance or the Star-Spangled Banner is being honored. I believe that refusing to stand for either of these acts of loyalty would draw too much attention to myself. I would prefer to discretely not partake.

If I decide against this form of protest, it will not be because I lacked the will to go forth with my overt act of defiance, or because I fear any confrontations that would come from being seen to refuse to participate in acts of American loyalty. It will be because I would not think it will accomplish feeling good about myself. If protesting would accomplish that feeling, I will do so with no care at all if others are offended. Offended parties could physically attack me. That could be their way of helping make America great again.

— In the aftermath of this truly awful election, many have suggested that now is a time to heal. It is proposed that now the election is over that we come together as Americans to bind our wounds and move forward. Allow me to give a reasoned response to this request using as many words in my expansive lexicon as it takes to make my point lucidly.


I resist. I refuse. I do not want to reconcile. I choose to oppose misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, anti-semitism, sexual assault, narcissism, nationalism, elitism, incivility, willful ignorance, anger, bitterness and hatred.

I shunned these monstrous iniquities on November 8th. I plan to do so from November 9th onward.

I do not wish to understand the mindset of those who voted for these things. It does not matter if they personally hold these feelings. They voted with the untermensch that exude these vices. They are guilty by association. I am not them. I do not need to heal. They do.

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