Cache County cities release candidate list for upcoming elections

The following is a list of candidates for city council and mayoral elections in Cache County. Where necessary, primary elections will take place Tuesday, August 15. General elections will take place Tuesday, November 7.

This list will be updated as information for the cities of Providence, Wellsville and Mendon are received.

<h3>Hyrum</h3><h5>Mayoral candidates:</h5>

Stephanie Miller

<h5>City Council candidates:</h5><h5>Two four-year terms and one two-year term</h5>

<em>Two year term</em>

Steve Adams

<em>Four year term</em>

Jared L. Clawson

Paul C. James

<h3>Lewiston</h3><h5>Mayoral candidates:</h5>

Kelly Field

<h5>City Council candidates:</h5><h5><em>Two four-year terms</em></h5>

John H. Morrison

Ted N. King

<h3>Logan</h3><h5>Mayoral candidates:</h5>

Hayden Eugene Nielson

Holly H. Daines

Brian Seamons

Kyle Barney

<h5>City Council candidates:</h5><h5><em>Two four-year terms</em></h5>

Emmanuel Amador Herrera

Keith Schnare

Richard Steele

Paul R. Borup

Jess Bradfield

Amy Z. Anderson

Paul Rogers

Steve Thompson

Jens CK Trauntvein

April A. Mortensen

<h3>Mendon</h3><h5>Mayoral candidates:</h5>

Ed Buist 

<h5>City Council candidates:</h5><h5><em>Two four-year terms</em></h5>

Jonathan Hardman

Robert Jepsen

Shara Swan

<h3>Nibley</h3><h5>Mayoral candidates:</h5><div>Shaun Dustin</div><div> </div><div>Trudy Elise Knight</div><h5>City Council candidates:</h5><h5><em>Two four-year terms</em></h5><div>Allen V. Cook</div><div> </div><div>Kathryn A. Beus</div><div> </div><div>Norman L. Larsen</div><div> </div><div>Garrett Mansell</div><div> </div><div>Suzanne Galloway</div><div> </div><div>Ryan Olsen</div><div> </div><div>Bryan Arnell</div><h3>North Logan</h3><h5>Mayoral candidates:</h5>

Nancy H. Potter

Lydia Embry

John C. Bailey

<h5>City Council candidates:</h5><h5><em>Two four-year terms</em></h5>

Craig R. Humphreys

Bradley Crookston

Buzzy Mullahkhel

Bruce W. Lee

<h3>Providence</h3><h5>Mayoral candidates:</h5>

John Drew

<div class=”gmail_default”>Kirk J Allen</div><div class=”gmail_default”> </div><div class=”gmail_default”>Brent Larsen</div><h5>City Council candidates:</h5><div class=”gmail_default”>Sharell Eames</div><div class=”gmail_default”> </div><div class=”gmail_default”>Kristina Eck</div><div class=”gmail_default”> </div><div class=”gmail_default”>Jeff Baldwin</div><div class=”gmail_default”> </div><div class=”gmail_default”>Craig Kendrick</div><div class=”gmail_default”> </div><div class=”gmail_default”>Rowan Ernest Cecil</div><h3>Richmond  </h3><h5>Mayoral candidates:</h5>

Terrie L. Wierenga

Jeffrey D. Young    

<h5>City Council candidates:</h5><h5>Two four-year terms and one two-year term</h5>

<em>Two-year term</em>

Kelly Crafts

<em>Four-year term</em>

Cheryl Peck

Lyle R. Bair    

<h3>River Heights</h3><h5>Mayoral candidates:</h5>

Robert Gines

Todd Rasmussen

<h5>City Council candidates:</h5><h5><em>Two four-year terms</em></h5>

Douglas L. Clausen

Quentin C. Gardner Jr.

Shellie Giddings

Chris Milbank

Elaine Thatcher

<h3>Smithfield</h3><h5>Mayoral candidates:</h5><h5><em>Two four-year terms</em></h5>

Darrell G. Simmons

Jeffrey H. Barnes

<h5>City Council candidates:</h5>

Barbara Scholes Kent

Jamie Anderson

Wade C. Campbell

Kris Monson

Kathryn Saunders Larsen

Juli Weber

<h3>Wellsville</h3><h5>Mayoral candidates:</h5>

Thomas G. Bailey

<p class=”m_5479436995488854525MsoListParagraph”>Gary Saxton

<h5>City Council candidates:</h5><h5><em>Two four-year terms</em></h5>

Perry Maughan

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