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There are no famous historic quotes as the lede for this thesis; no metaphorical analogy to past events as a segue to my point; no personal anecdote to tie my biography into what you will read below. Here it is, bold, brash and as honest as I can be:

If you still support President Donald J. Trump and his family of shameless grifters, you are an enemy of the United States of America.

You willfully ignore proof that this maniacal, mentally unhinged narcissist is using his office in collusion with a foreign adversary to further his and his family’s avaricious pursuits. You are making a conscious choice to support a man who capitulates to Russia, a country that has—beyond a reasonable doubt—set forth to usurp the American democratic process. You attempt, through the avenue of social networking, to justify your flagrantly un-American stance by making moral equivalency arguments with Hillary Clinton, a woman who has never admitted to, nor can be reasonably accused of ever accepting the help of a foreign adversary to further any cause.

Some of you Trumpkins might try to argue against that salient, unshakeable fact. Trumpkin is a portmanteau of Trump and bumpkin. I use that word to describe his supporters…because bumpkins are inferior people.

Trumpkins might point to a widely held right-wing conspiracy theory that when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State under Barack Obama that she financially benefitted from. This story originated in a widely discredited book entitled “Clinton Cash”. After years of investigations by many news outlets, no crime, collusion or financial benefit has been found. Not one thing.

Trump? Oh, we have things that we have found out about this sociopathic charlatan. Since last year we have a burgeoning bundle of evidence that the Orange Lunatic is subservient and submissive to Vladimir Putin’s oozing masculinity. Trump is Jack Twist to Vlad’s Ennis Del Mar.

For Trumpkins confused right now, that’s a “Brokeback Mountain” reference.

Yes, Trump and his merry band of bumbling minions were in full collaboration with Russia. The same Russia that illegally invaded the Crimean Peninsula, poisoned and murdered political opponents, rescinded rights granted to the Russian people after the fall of the Soviet Union, sustained the genocidal murderer currently holding on to power in Syria and set out hackers to create chaos in cyberspace as a means to manipulate free and fair elections in many countries—most notably, the United States.

It happened. It was happening for a long time. And with multiple investigations going on, we will have much proof of this treasonist behavior rolling out for the months to come. For now, we will just have to make due with this week’s story about the most crooked and pathetic presidency in American history.

Donald Trump, Jr., one of Lord Tiny Hand’s two adult sons, wantonly allowed himself to be courted by a Russian lawyer with strong connections to Putin. The reason for this proposed meeting was that these Russian intermediaries wished to pass along damaging information about Hillary Clinton to help the Trumps secure the 2016 Presidential Election. The younger Trump, whom I refer to as “Little Trumpy”, released the email correspondence minutes before the New York Times was slated to do that deed for him.

The emails between Little Trumpy and the Russian agents eventually led to his meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya in Trump Tower. At the time this meeting took place, Big Don was one floor down in his main office. Also in this meeting were Paul Manafort, who was Trump’s campaign manager at the time, and Jared Kushner, Little Trumpy’s brother-in-law.

Manafort has a lifetime resume of working with the Russians. Currently, he is registered with the United States Justice Department as a foreign agent. And Kushner? He has sex with Trump’s daughter Ivanka—which gives him the credentials to fix the Middle East problem and have top security clearance.

This is not a John le Carre novel. This is the world we all currently inhabit. And all Trumpkins can do is claim that no law was broken—a claim that may not be truthful as more facts are exposed.

Is that all that matters? Little Trumpy, et al met with a shady group of Russians who were actively attempting to subvert an American election and the indignation is not overwhelming against this openly treasonist activity?

I really think Trumpkins have been fed so many lies when reading Inforwars and Brietbart that they are no more attuned with facts than a North Korean who is immersed in the belief that their omnipotent potentate is a deity.

I might have figured out why Trumpkins steadfastly defend this horrific regime. An Islamic terrorist believes they will receive 72 virgins in Paradise as payment for blowing up innocent people. Perhaps the plethora of middle-age White men that defend these blatant acts espionage think that when they die they will get <a href=”” target=”_blank”>72 of the sex slaves NASA is fostering on its Mars colony.</a>

Face reality, Trump supporters. What you voted for gained you nothing.

Great Father Donald, his daughter that he speaks about in sexual terms, his sleazy son-in-law and Little Trumpy are only in this for the money and the power. They ran an election that played on the worst inclinations and biases of undereducated, bigoted, angry people. Not one Trump would ever sit down in a bar with you. They used the red siren code words necessary to stoke your prejudices. And you bit down on it…hard. You were the stooges that needed to be motivated by racism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia and anti-intellectualism. Once you answered Trump’s clarion call, you followed this Cult of Personality all the way towards capitulation towards a country that have been America’s political rivals for a century.

You got duped.

And when future scribes right about this awful time in the history of the world, you will be considered nothing better than a less-interesting, sloven version of Vichy France.

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