COLUMN: GOP – Grisly Old Perverts

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<em>“No children have ever meddled with the Republican Party and lived to tell about it.”</em>

—Sideshow Bob (R), from “The Simpsons”.

What is a Republican? Is the Grand Old Party a harbinger of small government? The place for business-friendly limitations of federal regulations? The party of the awkward proper noun Family Values? The clinging vestige for Christianity in the burgeoning secular American society?

Or, as we have seen fully displayed in the past two years, are Republicans no more than a rabidly horrific enclave of sexual predators elected to office by undereducated, willful bigots?

Those questions are both loaded and rhetorical.

To all Republicans reading this column, you have a serious problem. You are members of a political party that elects sexual predators and pedophiles to high office. And if you are a good Republican, you must ignore these incorrigible men’s grotesque behavior whilst supporting their ideological purity—the only thing even remotely pure about them.

It started with Donald Trump. This slimeball of a human being used to take provocative photos with his daughter Ivanka when she was a minor. I will not link any of those vomitous photos here, but for those who can stomach such incestuous behavior, the pics are fairly easy to find.

Then, once Ivanka came of age, Trump could not beam with pride more as radio host Howard Stern ogled Ivanka with her creepy father sitting next to her.

Trump bragged about entering the dressing area of teenaged beauty contestants. Trump admitted to sexual assault on the now infamous Access Hollywood tape. This disturbed man is a sexual predator and anyone who espouses his false virtues will be marked by history as either ignorant or complicit towards his obscene behavior.

Trump is a pig. To say otherwise is to live in a world where facts and commonly recognized social mores do not exist.

On his own, Donald Trump would be enough to taint a political party’s reputation forever. But the GOP now must deal with Roy Moore.

Roy Moore is the Republican candidate to fill out the remaining term of former U.S Senator Jeff Sessions in the state of Alabama. Moore was once a judge who was twice thrown off the bench for defying federal court orders. Moore has stated that the law of God supersedes the United States Constitution. Moore has said abhorrent things about homosexuals and Muslims. All these things should disqualify him from holding an office where one must swear an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution.

And of course, that is not where the story ends.

In recent weeks, extensively-sourced, credible stories have surfaced that Moore sexually assaulted underage girls. Moore’s modus operandi was to separate young girls from their mothers and assault them in remote locations. If the credibility of the victims was not enough to convince a non-partisan of Moore’s predatory conduct, the fact that he was banned from a shopping mall for creeping on teenage girls should be adequate to convince many that this predator is unworthy of high office.

But, this is Alabama. And down there they would rather have a sexual deviant in office than a Democrat. This is tribalism at its most corrosive level. So deep is the deceptive demonization of Democrats that too many Alabamans believe it is more acceptable to openly back a man accused of the most egregious offenses in lieu of backing a qualified candidate from a different political party.


In endorsing Roy Moore, President Trump stated that Moore’s opponent, Doug Jones, was soft on crime. This is a common charge made about Democrats to scare voters into shunning them. Facts dictate otherwise.

As a U.S. Attorney, Jones successfully prosecuted two Klansmen that blew up a black church in 1963, killing four little girls. Four decades after the incident, Jones put two domestic terrorists in jail. Meanwhile, Trump, Jones and every other Republican sits quietly as domestic terrorists continue to mow down innocent Americans in what has become a monthly tradition of mass shootings.

Along with being hypocritical on crime, Republicans who bow at the altar in the Church of Trump and Moore are also wildly inconsistent when it comes to Christian values.

Fundamental Christians supported Donald Trump by a larger percentage than any other presidential candidate in a century of elections.


Trump cheated on and dumped his first two wives. He has a lengthy record of sexual peccadilloes that he bragged about. He has no record of religious worship or indoctrination. He is not born again. He is from New York City.

There is only one reason for the Religious Right to swear blind allegiance to Great Father Donald. Trump blew dog whistles of the phobias many so-called Christians have regarding women, Muslims, immigrants and other groups not like them.

Trump proved that for many who erroneously claim to be faithful adherents to Jesus that what they really want is to wallow in the cesspool of their own ignorant prejudices.

The same goes for Roy Moore. Moore frequently has claimed that God alone can save America from its perceived decline. And yet, many credible claims exist that he violated young girls who were unable to fight off his criminal advances.

Alabama doesn’t care. By Tuesday, Moore will most likely be elected to United States Senate. And the main reason is fear of Democrats. Madness.

Roy Moore is right about one thing. America is suffering from an immoral morass. And all that many do in this current stagnant stasis is point to the other guys and claim they are worse. Consider that many Trumpkins excuse the abhorrent behavior of their orange messiah and his twice disgraced judge-candidate by making an immoral equivalency argument regarding Bill Clinton, or Hollywood, or whoever.

Bill Clinton is the Democrats’ cross to bear. Liberals spent most of the 1990’s defending Bubba against a multitude of charges that he was a sex criminal. Now, we are supposed to “believe the women”. Back then, they were tramps worthy of character assassination. Democrats have to answer for that and apologize for the double standard.

The Hollywood angle, however, simply does not stand up. In recent weeks, many involved in film and television have lost their careers because of credible claims they inflicted sexual harassment against others.

And that is the eye-rolling irony I will finish this column with. If Donald Trump was still the host of the television show “The Apprentice”, he would have lost his job. But he is not. He is the Republican President of the United States. Thus, his tribe must defend him and Roy Moore, who has sworn his troth to Trump.

We truly have lost our way.

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  • Margaret Momparler May 12, 2020 at 11:32 am Reply

    At one time I could access the names of all the Republican sexual perverts and I printed them out. But, now I think they have been removed. If you know where I can find such a list, please let me know or send it to my email address in a Pdf file.
    I would be ever so grateful because the friends on my FB page believe and don’t believe me. not sure I trust them anymore.
    If you are older than 60 maybe you will also know I am telling the truth. Thanks.

    • Vicki Haithvoat April 2, 2021 at 7:35 pm Reply

      Yes you are I had that list to at one time I was just looking for it..

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