Gym eliminates deterrents to getting physically fit

LOGAN – If you recently made a goal to be more healthy and physically fit this year, but are not sure how to properly go about it, feel uncomfortable going to gyms, or struggle to find the time, one workout facility in Logan has the answers. Jordan Connor helped create <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Kubex</a> four years ago and says it was designed to eliminate some of the main deterrents to attending a gym.

“When it comes to working out, a lot of people get embarrassed or intimidated and don’t like people staring at them,” Connor explains. “A lot of people, they get a gym membership – which is a good first step – but when they finally get to the gym they just stand around and watch people.

“They’re like, ‘okay, what am I supposed to be doing?’ There’s no direction; they don’t know where to start.”

Kubex, located at 920 North 200 West in Logan, creates an environment where all workouts are done in privacy and each workout has a virtual personal trainer, Connor explains. The exercise variety and sequence of exercises people go through is highly calculated.

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“All of our exercises at Kubex were developed by world-renowned sports physiologists. We spent a lot of money to get some of the best brains in the industry to come in and create a workout that is synergistic,” says Connor. “There is a reason why you are doing the workouts in the order you are doing them and why you are doing the exercises you are performing.”

Connor says a common phrase at Kubex is, “it’s the maximum amount of benefit in the minimum amount of time.” He says the workouts at Kubex only take 30 minutes, but the workouts are very efficient because of the way each workout affects the body. 

At Kubex, there are various workouts that each consist of 30 private cubicles, also known as cubes, where people do their workouts. After spending a minute focusing on one specific type of movement in one cube, you move to the next for a completely different exercise, totaling a 30 minute workout.

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“There is a large monitor in every cube that shows you exactly what you’re supposed to be doing with a virtual trainer,” Connor continues. “There is no confusion on what you’re supposed to be doing. The virtual trainer will show you exactly how to perform each and every exercise throughout the entire workout.”

The process eliminates a lot of guessing someone might have when going to the gym, and doesn’t waste their time so it can be done on a lunch break, before or after work or school, or at any time someone might have a half-hour to spare.

“You just show up, go through the 30-minute full-body workout. You don’t have to worry about which muscle group to focus on. The workouts will hit every muscle group; they are all full-body workouts.”

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Working out in the cubes also frees people from distractions (watching a game or the news on the many screens in a gym, or talking to other people) and from having to wait for a specific piece of equipment that someone else might be using.

Gyms across the country are often at their busiest in January as people try to make and keep New Year’s Resolutions, and Connor says Kubex has an offer that makes it easy to join.

“We are currently running a promotion through the end of January that we’ve never run before: your first three months at just $10 a month, and then it kicks in at our normal, cheapest rate at $29.99 for the remaining nine months of the contract. The regular $40 initiation fee is also cut down to $10 when you sign up on the New Year’s special, so there are some savings there as well.”

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Kubex brands itself as the Future of Fitness, and Connor says the company is constantly looking at new ways to improve health and fitness. One of those is a detailed body scan that is recommended once a month. The scan does more than just give a weight reading on a scale.

“You get a 3D body scan done. It emails you 10 pages worth of data,” says Connor. “It’s going to tell you what your body fat percentage is, it’s going to break down your body measurement in inches, it will allow you to set goals…there’s a little bit of nutrition there, how much calories you need to be eating, your caloric expenditure, that kind of stuff.”

The scan provides far more detail than a scale and allows people to track their progress, set tangible benchmarks to achieve and make improvements along the way.

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Kubex owners are working on a franchise concept and, in the process, are examining ways to further advance personalized fitness.

“We are working on a new system that will give you more variation and will allow people to customize workouts even more,” Connor explains. “Let’s say you want to work on your golf game. We are going to develop a workout that will specifically help people improve their golf game.

“Instead of doing a full-body workout, maybe on that particular day you want to focus on just your chest and your shoulders. We’re going to develop workouts that gives people those types of options. In 2018, we have a lot of cool and exciting things that we have been working on that we hope to implement soon. We are always working on being innovative to provide the most cutting-edge stuff for our members.”

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