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LOS ANGELES (AP) — One of the first guys to come out publicly to say #MeToo won’t be able to pursue his case in criminal court. Prosecutors in Los Angeles have announced they won’t be filing charges against the talent agent who actor Terry Crews says groped him. County prosecutors say they can’t file the case as a felony because no skin-to-skin contact was involved. And city prosecutors say they can’t file a misdemeanor case — because the statute of limitations has expired. Crews came forward last fall to say Adam Venit fondled his groin at a 2016 Hollywood party. He has filed a civil complaint against the talent agent.



001-v-35-(Oscar Wells Gabriel., AP entertainment editor)–An actor’s claim that he was groped by a male talent agent won’t result in criminal charges. AP Entertainment Editor Oscar Wells Gabriel tells us why. (8 Mar 2018)

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002-v-35-(Oscar Wells Gabriel, AP entertainment editor)–AP Entertainment Editor Oscar Wells Gabriel reports charges won’t be filed over actor Terry Crews’ claim that he was groped by a male talent agent. (8 Mar 2018)

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003-c-23-(Oscar Wells Gabriel, AP entertainment editor)-“in the case”-AP Entertainment Editor Oscar Wells Gabriel reports a pair of legal technicalities have left authorities no choice but to not file charges in a sexual misconduct complaint made by actor Terry Crews. (8 Mar 2018)

<<CUT *003 (03/08/18)££ 00:23 “in the case”


NEW YORK (AP) — Detectives in New York City say they have done their part. And so, it’s now up to prosecutors to determine whether Harvey Weinstein fill be facing rape charges. Chief of detectives Robert Boyce says there has been considerable evidence collected — but the final call on filing charges falls on the DA’s office. One of Weinstein’s accusers is actress Paz de la Huerta, who says Weinstein raped her twice in 2010. Investigators say they have packaged up evidence to support the claim — and presented it to the DA’s office to determine if charges will come out of it. Weinstein is also being investigated for five sexual misconduct cases in the Los Angeles area.



004-v-32-(Warren Levinson, AP correspondent)–New York police say they have assembled evidence to support a rape charge against the disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. AP correspondent Warren Levinson reports. (8 Mar 2018)

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NEW YORK (AP) — Basketball, brackets, betting — and beats. All will be part of the focus as March Madness draws to a close. The beats will be provided by a pair of top acts who’ll perform during the final part of the NCAA tournament. Imagine Dragons and Maroon 5 have signed on to perform at the NCAA March Madness Festival. It will happen in San Antonio, Texas — where the college hoops title will be awarded. Both Grammy-winning bands have played for the NCAA tournament before — Imagine Dragons in 2015 and Maroon 5 the year after.


LONDON (AP) — Remember when people at the doors would take away your cameras when you showed up at a concert? These days that’s impossible with so many people toting around smartphones that can give you better pictures than most “regular” cameras can. Michael Bolton says he doesn’t mind if fans take still photos — but he isn’t cool with video. And it’s not just because he wants to sell concert DVDs. Bolton says cellphone video just doesn’t do justice to the sound and light effects he goes through so much trouble to set up. Bolton says he tries to tell fans his preferences at the start of a show — not that anyone actually listens these days.



013-a-15-(Michael Bolton, musician, in AP interview)-“out to be”-Musician Michael Bolton says he has specific rules about cameras at his concerts. (8 Mar 2018)

<<CUT *013 (03/08/18)££ 00:15 “out to be”

015-a-12-(Michael Bolton, musician, in AP interview)-“pride in that”-Musician Michael Bolton says he’d prefer that fans not take home movies of his concerts because he’d rather they get a quality product from him. (8 Mar 2018)

<<CUT *015 (03/08/18)££ 00:12 “pride in that”

014-a-17-(Michael Bolton, musician, in AP interview)-“maintain the quality”-Musician Michael Bolton says it’s not that he wants to make money off his own DVDs as much as he doesn’t want fans watching him on a lousy cell phone recording. (8 Mar 2018)

<<CUT *014 (03/08/18)££ 00:17 “maintain the quality”

016-a-20-(Michael Bolton, musician, in AP interview)-“engage your audience”-Musician Michael Bolton says he loves fans taking still photos of him. ((note length of cut)) (8 Mar 2018)

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LOS ANGELES (AP) — The White House says President Donald Trump has already won an arbitration case against a porn star who says she had sex with Trump. Stormy Daniels has gone to court to get permission to break a nondisclosure agreement. Daniels says while she signed the document, Trump didn’t, so it’s invalid. Asked about the matter yesterday, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Trump had already prevailed in arbitration — but declined to provide details.



008-w-30-(Warren Levinson, AP correspondent, with White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders)–A White House answer raises more questions about the president and the porn star. AP correspondent Warren Levinson reports. (8 Mar 2018)

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009-a-09-(Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House press secretary, at White House press briefing)-“to outside counsel”-White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders would say little about the allegation that the president bought the silence of a porn actress. (8 Mar 2018)

<<CUT *009 (03/08/18)££ 00:09 “to outside counsel”


DALLAS (AP) — The latest to fall under the harsh glare of the sexual misconduct spotlight — is NBA team owner Mark Cuban. The NBA is looking into an allegation of sexual assault against Cuban dating back to 2011. His team, the Dallas Mavericks, has come under scrutiny lately after reports that the team is hostile work environment for women. In the assault case, a woman claims Cuban put his hands in her pants and touched her inappropriately.



010-v-35-(Jackie Quinn, AP correspondent)–The NBA says it is reviewing allegations of sexual assault against Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban. (8 Mar 2018)

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011-v-33-(Jackie Quinn, AP correspondent)–Authorities in Portland, Oregon aren’t pursuing sexual assault charges against Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban, but the NBA says it’s looking into allegations that were made in 2011. AP correspondent Jackie Quinn reports. (8 Mar 2018)

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012-c-24-(Jackie Quinn, AP correspondent)-“filed in 2011”-AP correspondent Jackie Quinn reports the NBA says it’s investigating a complaint of sexual assault that was filed in 2011 against Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban. (8 Mar 2018)

<<CUT *012 (03/08/18)££ 00:24 “filed in 2011”


LOS ANGELES (AP) — So, far, so good for the lawyer representing the guy charged with swiping Frances McDormand’s Oscar. Attorney Daniel Brookman has been able to get his client, Terry Bryant, free without bail in the case. He is also going after the prosecution, saying it trumped up the charges against his client. Bryant is charged with felony grand theft in the swiping of the statuette. But Brookman says while Oscars are widely sought after, their street value is relatively low — so a felony charge is unwarranted.



005-v-37-(Oscar Wells Gabriel, AP entertainment editor)–The man charged with swiping Frances McDormand’s best actress Oscar is now free. AP Entertainment Editor Oscar Wells Gabriel reports the suspect’s lawyer is really going to bat for his client. (8 Mar 2018)

<<CUT *005 (03/08/18)££ 00:37

006-v-31-(Oscar Wells Gabriel, AP entertainment editor)–AP Entertainment Editor Oscar Wells Gabriel reports the lawyer for the man charged with swiping the best actress Oscar is challenging the case being filed as a felony. (8 Mar 2018)

<<CUT *006 (03/08/18)££ 00:31

007-c-26-(Oscar Wells Gabriel, AP entertainment editor)-“at Hollywood premieres”-AP Entertainment Editor Oscar Wells Gabriel reports the theft of Frances McDormand’s best-actress Oscar from a post-Academy Awards party has raised some security-related questions. (8 Mar 2018)

<<CUT *007 (03/08/18)££ 00:26 “at Hollywood premieres”


NEW YORK (AP) — Still can’t get enough “Star Wars,” despite all the remakes, prequels and sequels? You just caught a break. Disney has called on Jon Favreau to write and executive produce a live-action “Star Wars” series. No details or release date have been announced. But Disney says Star Wars and the new Favreau material will be a big part of Disney’s planned streaming platform. The yet-to-be named service is due to launch next year.

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