Mitt Romney visits Logan and talks about trade, school safety

LOGAN – For the second time in less than a month, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mitt Romney visited Logan. The visit took place Monday as Romney made an appearance on KVNU’s “For the People” program.

One of the issues that came up for discussion was trade. Romney said that unlike some other politicians, such as Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton, he does not support the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

He said it is very easy to demagogue trade and immigration generally.

“Legal immigration, for instance, is a great source of vitality for our country and I believe trade is a good thing for our country,” he said. “Look, we have a very robust economy, growing like crazy. We’ve had what, eight or nine years of very acceptable growth?

“I’m sure it could be higher, but it has been a pretty growth rate. We don’t have inflation, we have unemployment now below four percent. We are not hurting on an economic basis because of our trade policies, and trading with other nations is designed to make both nations better off.”

Romney, who is running to replace retiring Republican Senator Orrin Hatch, also addressed school safety and gun violence. He believes a broad array of options need to be considered.

“If you want to keep a school safe,” Romney explained, “there needs to be someone at the school or near the school that can respond – someone who is armed, that can respond in the event of an attack – and who can prevent an attack or repel an attack and have people deterred from carrying out an attack because they know there is a person or people who are armed.

“I also think you need limited access points going into the school. Then you want to have the capacity for individuals to notify school authorities if there is a threat. And to do that on an anonymous basis.”

He is very supportive of the SafeUT app which accomplishes that goal. He disagrees with adding new gun laws on the federal level to change the trajectory of safety in schools.

Romney said he hopes to bring more civility to the nation’s capital and work with people from all backgrounds.

Romney also attended a public event at Willow Park and visited Bridgerland Technical College while he was in Cache Valley. Romney is facing State Representative Mike Kennedy in a Republican primary. The Republican primary is June 26th.

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1 Comment

  • Eric Simpson June 7, 2018 at 3:15 pm Reply

    Look beyond Romney’s “gentle demeanor.”

    Look at how Romney viciously attacked Trump last year.

    Romney does everything to hide his progressive intentions. As governor of MA in every way he governed as a leftist progressive, pushing socialized medicine (Romneycare), gun control (an assault weapons ban identical to what the leftists are pushing now), climate change, Planned Parenthood, and a liberal social agenda.

    One thing we can be assured of is that Romney will be a ‘maverick’ pushing issues like gun control and climate change and gay inclusion when he gets the opportunity. If that’s what you want then finie but in my opinion conservative Mike Kennedy is the reliable vote for conservatives.

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