Mayor Daines says neighborhood compliance codes keep the city from looking ‘junky’

In an effort to spruce up neighborhoods in Logan City, some residents have been visited by the city code compliance officer.  During the monthly Speak to the Mayor hour on KVNU’s For the People program on Wednesday, a caller complained that he has lived in his house for 25 years and has recently felt ‘singled out’ four times for issues having to do with his yard, cars and even his dogs. Mayor Holly Daines said, in general, that it’s all to maintain residential neighborhoods and keep things from looking ‘junky’.

“Again, in the past, Logan City has really been complaint based as far as violations of our code and some people may not be aware of our property maintenance code. Maybe next month I will bring our new code enforcement officer (on the show) and we’ll have a discussion and just try to educate people about some of the standards in terms of property maintenance. For instance, you can’t have an inoperable car at least in your front yard of your premises. That’s against codes,” explained the mayor.

She said other things the officer will look for is the height of weeds, crumbling foundations or porches, peeling paint and more.   Daines said, again, the point is to make city neighborhoods nice places to live for everyone. If a violation is found, a request for compliance will be left for the property owner.

Our goal is to let you know what the problem is. He’ll write specifically what that is and then ask you, ‘could you please take care of that?’ And he’ll come back a week to 10 days later and check and in over 50 percent of the cases, the problem is taken care of, which is great for everyone. We appreciate people’s cooperation, and then (the code compliance officer) leaves a little thank-you door hanger saying ‘thank-you very much’.”

The mayor said that if it’s not resolved because, perhaps, there is an absentee landlord who has not received the notice, then the city will need to try to contact them. She said, unless people just do not want to comply, the city is not issuing citations, they are requesting compliance with the goal being to improve neighborhoods. Daines said this was some of the feedback she has received during the campaign and recent neighborhood councils. People just want their neighborhoods to be neat and a nice place to live.

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  • Lois D. kidd July 19, 2018 at 8:35 pm Reply

    I think people should keep their yard water and cut ! Not look like no one lives there with a bunch of C— in the yards.

  • Marina Kesling July 20, 2018 at 8:03 am Reply

    I don’t understand why people in Logan leave leave their trash and recycle bins at the curb, some of them overflowing because nothing has been compacted. We need a “Neighborhood Pride” movement. And for sure folks should ‘curb their dogs’ and ‘scoop the poop” to keep them from damaging lawns.

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