Logan City leaders are considering eight parks to allow dogs off-leash

The city of Logan is one step closer to implementing a one-year pilot program to allow dogs in selected city parks.

A proposal for the program was presented to City Council members Tuesday night.

“We had 10 sites that we were proposing for public input,” according to Russ Akina, Director of Logan City Parks and Recreation. “Given the input that we received, we decided it was best that two locations be dropped off the list. There are seven parks and one open grass area at the Logan Service Center.”

The purpose of the pilot program is to evaluate whether the eight sites should be designated off-leash after one year.

The sites include:

          *Jens Johansen Park, 850 East 100 North

          *Jones Neighborhood Park, 400 West 625 North

          *Kilowatt Park, 331 South 300 West

          *Logan Meadows Park, 350 South 600 West

          *Pioneer Parkway, 165 East Poplar Avenue

          *Ray Hugie Hydro Park, Northside of US 89 at Canyon Road

          *Rendezvous Park West Pond Area, 1500 South US 89-91

          *Logan Service Center East Lawn Area, 810 West 600 North

The pilot program sites include four parks that have playgrounds, one pavilion, and all sites are either in proximity or connected to a city trail.

“We feel like that’s a broad enough distribution across the city to try and spread things out and also give us a pretty good sense as to whether it works or not,” according to Logan City Mayor Holly Daines. “We’ve also committed that if we have an individual park that was just really having problems, we can say we are done with that one.”

With regards to the Rendezvous Park West Pond Area proposal, dogs are only permitted off-leash in the area designated in the proposal. Dogs are not permitted off-leash on the Logan River Trail. The trail is posted as an on-leash only trail, consistent with the rest of the city’s trail system rules.

The pilot program also involves three monitoring periods (Spring, Summer, and Fall) to assist city staff in determining the success of the program and whether the program should become permanent. The monitoring periods will also include public input during the pilot program.

If the program is approved, city leaders will launch a public awareness campaign intended to educate and encourage dog owners to be responsible while in parks.

The city will hold a public hearing on the proposed locations and park rules on March 5th. It is anticipated the pilot program sites will be operational by April 15th.

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  • Marina Kesling February 21, 2019 at 5:52 am Reply

    On second thought, how about first permitting dogs on leash into those parks for a limited time; like six months. See how it goes. Are the owners complying with rudimentary requirements, like picking up the poop. Being considerate and aware of small children. I could honestly support this approach.

  • Marina Kesling February 21, 2019 at 6:33 am Reply

    I’m 83 years old and regularly walk a 60-pound Retriever (on a leash) past Jones Park on 4th West. All I can say is that if an unleashed dog runs over to my dog and an off leash dog causes me to take a fall simply because they’re excited and curious, does that not put Logan City in a role of responsibility? What if I break a hip? This off leash consideration in unfenced areas is an accident waiting to happen.

  • Josh March 6, 2019 at 8:16 am Reply

    I live on Meadow Circle next to the Logan Meadows Park. It is a very nice clean and safe area for kids to play. I am very disappointed that this program is going to be implemented. Were homeowners next to the park notified? Was it voted on? you look at the Rendezvous park next to the highway and how trashy and badly maintained it is and how bad the Landscaping is because the dogs have tore it up. Now they want to bring dogs to other parks and turn what is a really nice area into a dog park? what about all of the kids that play on the playground and in the grassy meadow area? Are those kids less important than the dogs? Well I guess according to the city apparently they are. People are going to have to worry about dogs and irresponsible owners. there is currently dog feces all along the grass in the park anyways where dogs aren’t even supposed to be allowed! And on top of all this it’s cool going to be a leash free but Park??? I cannot believe that this wasn’t even discussed with the homeowners in the area. The city already has enough problems with loose dogs, barking and annoyances like that.

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