Bear Lake Monster video released

Matthew Havertz uses a spare bedroom in his apartment to produces corporate training videos and other projects.

LOGAN – Matthew Havertz just released his video on the Bear Lake Monster and by the likes on his YouTube channel, the hits are growing, and he is getting eager to see how far it will go.

Matthew Havertz shows one of the cameras he used to video In Search of The Bear Lake Monster that was just released.

“In Search of the Bear Lake Monster came out a couple of days ago and I’m surprised by how well it has done so far,” he said. “I’m really excited. I sent it out to people that I interviewed, the animator, drone operator and others.”

Havertz’s video includes shots of the lake, historical information, interviews of believers and non- believers, college professors, merchants cashing in on the folk legend and others.

“I sent it to about 30 people, they had shared it, and the number of hits at least doubled and in less than 24 hours, I had 240 views,” he said. “It’s really exciting! YouTube is paying attention to the views.”

He hopes next summer people will be checking out the resort town and will run across his video.

“My goal was to tell a story and get a lot of views,” Havertz said. “I’m fascinated with folklore and I thought this was an interesting story to do.”

The Weber State graduate pays the bills by producing training videos for business.

When Matthew Havertz took his first trip to Bear Lake he was surprised to see all the references to the Bear Lake Monster. It gave him the inspiration for his video on the Bear Lake Monster.

“This is the first time is I have tried to do something historical,” he said. “The history of Bear Lake alone deserves some attention.”

He was surprised to find how unique Bear Lake is. Scientists have drilled core samples into layers of the lake. It is at least 25,000 years old. They think it could be millions of years old, one of the oldest lakes in North America, and one of the top 50 oldest lakes in the world.

“Whatever people believe about the Bear Lake Monster, they could be looking at fascinating species when they see the documentary,” Havertz said. “The Bear Lake and it’s monster are both interesting.”

Havertz earned his undergraduate degree in video media and just finished his Master’s degree from Utah State University in Instructional Technology.

He started the business three years ago. People found out what he did and that’s all it took; he started doing business training videos. When things get slow, he knocks on doors and looks for jobs.

Matthew Havertz uses some pretty simple equipment to make his videos. He just released In Search of the the Bear Lake Monster on his YouTube channel.

“I figure I have to knock on 10 doors to get one job,” Havertz said. “I think there is a future for me and my family in this kind of work.”

Although training videos pay the bills, his real love is the documentary history videos, similar to the Bear Lake Monster video.

“If this video gets enough attention, I will approach other partners about other projects and do more of this kind of thing,” he said. “It all depends on how the Bear Lake Monster video does, as to how soon I will pursue other videos like this.”

His long-term goal is to document media-related things that could really do good in the world.

“I would like to inspire people and promote a sense of community,” Harvertz said. “I would like to urge people to become better, I want to do something that is really impactful for people.”

With his Master’s complete, he took an opportunity to teach a basic video production class as a part-time adjunct instructor for the Education Department.

Matthew Havertz posts encouraging notes around his makeshift studio to keep so as not to get discouraged.

“They know how passionate I am about video,” he said. “Somehow it turned into a part-time job.”

He and his wife Melissa, both from the Kaysville area, would like to stay in Cache Valley.

“Our goal is to stay in Cache Valley, we love it here,” he said. “Coming through Sardine Canyon and dropping into Cache Valley is like coming into a different world.”

You can see the full-length documentary below:

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