Mayor Daines with update on proposed Center block project

An artist's rendering what a downtown project could look like that would replace the Emporium in Downtown Logan.

LOGAN — On KVNU’s monthly Speak to the Mayor program on Wednesday, Logan Mayor Holly Daines said downtown Logan business owners were approached over a year ago about replacing downtown parking with a special project. The city came back to the owners towards the end of September about the proposal to use the Emporium property to facilitate the plan.

She said members of the historic preservation committee seemed excited about a lot of the parts of the plan which include possibly a skating rink downtown. But they needed a few more details.

I think in the next day or so we’ll be able to announce a public meeting, when we’ll do the Historic Preservation Committee (HPC) meeting and also another owners’ meeting prior to that so they have a chance to see plans in advance, provide more feedback and comments,” Daines explained.

“Then, if there were additional changes that need to be incorporated before the HPC meeting, we would do that. So again, we’re working for a meeting with owners prior to HPC, so it’s going to be a little bit later in December, I think, before we get to that.”

The mayor was asked if this derails the rough timeline the city has been looking at for demolishing the Emporium over the winter. She said they do have to go through a public process which is fair and part of the function and challenges of a government-backed project. But she does not expect a long delay.

“We got a really good bid and that’s part of….what’s driving this. We put the bid out to start in November-December and to have a long timeline. They actually have until April to take it down because that tends to be when construction companies are less busy.

“Winter is a good time to take it down, it limits the dust and so-on…and we did get a great bid, it was less than the engineer’s estimate. When does that happen in construction?”

Daines acknowledges, though, there’s a chance the project could completely fall apart. You can hear the entire interview with Holly Daines below.

AUDIO:  Logan Mayor Holly Daines on the monthly Speak to the Mayor program on KVNU



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  • Howard Huges November 22, 2019 at 11:42 am Reply

    What happened to building a new Logan Public Library? How about a Library to anchor downtown? Right now the library is house in inadequate space that’s without viable parking because someone thought building a Hampton Inn on the corner was a good idea. Now it’s an area to avoid at all costs except when I have to go to the library. The post office? Ha.

  • Diane Peterson November 24, 2019 at 8:13 am Reply

    It saddens me that you would tear down the Emporium which could house a large restaurant and bring much needed business to downtown Logan. This has proved itself in the past with large groups , such as, Graduations, Weddings, Christmas parties from various groups etc.. I was afraid of something like this when Logan City purchased the building. You are too quick to act, too quick to tear down, you should of put this on the ballot and found out how more of the citizens felt. I grew up in Logan and now live in RIver Heights, I love Logan City and have seen too much tearing down this past year. I am not alone in my opinion.

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