Bryce Angell is a cowboy poet. Angell was raised on a farm/ranch in the St. Anthony, Idaho area with approximately 75 head of horses. Horses remain an important part of Angell's life. Angell shares his poetry with Cache Valley Daily every Friday.

I’d tied Ol’ Knothead to a post.  His mane was full of burs. The old bay was despicable.  Should’ve turned his hide to furs.

If you’re wonderin’ how he got the name.  I’ll give you one big clue. He was hard to catch, weren’t worth the ride, a lead pill overdue.  

And when it came to shoein’ time, you’d have yourself a fight.  He’d snort and kick and sometimes strike. Was even known to bite.  

That day I looked in Knothead’s eyes.  They darned near made me flee. ‘Twas time to slap his shoes on.  Wish this wasn’t up to me. 

You never really knew when Knothead was about to blow.  I grabbed a front foot suddenly he stomped down on my toe.  

To my despair my cap fell off, then Knothead blew a snort.  He trampled on my brand-new lid, which left me one hat short.  

The summer sun was baring down right on my white bald head.  ‘Twas sure to get a sunburn. How I wished Ol’ Knothead dead!

Well, Knothead finally settled down.  But, left me plumb in awe. ‘Cuz I swear I saw him laughing.  How that stuck hard in my craw.  

 Soon Knothead lifted up a foot.  I thought that mighty strange. I tacked a horseshoe on his hoof before his mind would change.  

The next three shoes went on so fast it seemed to be a dream.  Was Knothead messin’ ‘round with me as part of his grand scheme?

Each time Ol’ Knothead acted up, I guess I’m only statin’.  I wondered, “Should we change his name and call that dang horse Satan?”

I guess you’d say Ol’ Knothead was an irritatin’ force.  And why do cowboys always have a knothead for a horse?  

I swore one day I’d say the words, ”You stinkin’ crow bait fool.”  As I watch him come a squeezin’ out a tube of Elmer’s Glue.

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