COWBOY POETRY: Maybelline and Scoot

Bryce Angell is a cowboy poet. Angell was raised on a farm/ranch in the St. Anthony, Idaho area with approximately 75 head of horses. Horses remain an important part of Angell's life. Angell shares his poetry with Cache Valley Daily every Friday.

Maybelline was a pretty blonde with four white stocking feet.  And Scoot, an older gelding whose good sense was hard to beat.

Well Maybelline and Scoot were down in Goblin Valley way.  The trail was long and winding.  They’d be gone most of the day.

Maybelline said, “Scoot I’d like to make a small request.  I see it’s almost lunch time and these cowboys need a rest.”

Then Scoot replied, “I guess you’re right.  These cowboys like to eat.  We’ll stop here for an hour; get them off the saddle’s seat.”

Two cowboys stepped on down and moseyed over to the rocks.  They pulled out fish and crackers from an overstuffed lunch box.  

Then Maybelline said, “Scoot do cowboys always eat canned fish?  It’s all I’ve ever seen ‘em eat.  Must be their favorite dish.”

Well Scoot said, “Maybelline a cowboy is a different lot.  There’s no predicting what they’ll eat.  Their stomachs must be shot.”

“And cowboys must be bashful, quite unlike both you and me.  Each time that Mother Nature calls they go behind a tree.”

 Then Maybelline said, “Scoot you’re right. Sometimes they’re quite absurd.  But my rider tells a story better’n any song I’ve heard.”

Scoot then smiled.  “Well Maybelline does he stretch it just a bit?  I heard my rider say to him, ‘I think you’re full of @#&*’!” 

Both horses gave a belly laugh.  The riders looked their way.  Each rider shrugged his shoulders.  Said, “That was a funny neigh.”

Then Maybelline said, “Scoot those cowboys really have no clue.  ‘Cuz if they knew just what we said for sure we’d both be glue.”

Scoot said, “If we weren’t here those dang old cowboys would be lost.  Those cowpokes should appreciate the time our paths were crossed.”

Maybelline said, “Scoot those cowboys move just like a snail.  Let’s get ‘em in the saddle ‘cuz it’s time to hit the trail.”

Then Scoot said, “Maybelline I’ve sure enjoyed our ride today.  We’ll get these cowboys back to camp.  That’s where they keep the hay!”

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