Clearfield woman pleads guilty to sending naked video to Cache Valley boy

Booking photo for Alexis Harrison (Courtesy: Cache County Jail)

LOGAN — A 19-year-old Clearfield woman has admitted to carelessly sexting with a teenage boy in Cache Valley last year. Alexis Harrison accepted a plea deal that could send her to jail for up to a year.

Harrison participated in a virtual hearing in 1st District Court Wednesday morning, appearing by web conference. She pleaded guilty to one count of dealing in materials harmful to a minor, amended to a class A misdemeanor.

In November 2020, Cache County sheriff’s deputies located a naked video of Harrison, while investigating a 15-year-old boy that was in possession of pornographic materials on his cellphone at school. The seven second video showed her lying in bed, while exposing her breasts and buttocks.

Investigators searched through social media messages sent between the victim and Harrision. They showed the defendant offering to sell pornographic photos and videos of herself. The images and videos could be purchased individually or for a monthly fee, ranging from $15-$20.

Deputies served a search warrant to Harrison’s Clearfield home on March 8, seizing four electronic devises as evidence. They questioned the defendant, who admitted to selling and soliciting sexual videos and images of herself for monetary gain. She would be paid through various electronic banking apps.

During Wednesday’s hearing, Cache County Deputy Attorney Dane Murray explained that during the messages exchanged between Harrison and the victim, she sent him the pornographic video negligently without asking his age or name.

Harrison spoke only briefly. She told the court, she wished to waive her right to a fair trial and plead guilty to the crime.

Judge Brian Cannell accepted Harrison’s plea deal and ordered her to be sentenced Sept. 22.

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  • Bob Cobb August 6, 2021 at 11:51 am Reply

    Here in Cache Valley we focus on the important things, like when teenagers sext each other and when President Biden nominates an actual environmentalist to a position because she maybe did some less reputable stuff back in the day. (However, when Donald nominated Brett Kavanaugh who was credibly accused of SEXUAL ASSAULT to the Supreme Court, the Cache County Council didn’t feel any desire to speak out . . . )

    Specifically with this stupidity, who cares? Our society really might put a woman in jail for a year for sending naughty stuff to someone who REQUESTED IT that happened to be underage? Here, in this very same legal system, a few years ago a 50-something guy got an underage woman drunk and then ACTUALLY performed sexual acts on her, and he got 7 days in jail. How does that make any sense?

    Who is the injured party in this case? Do we really think the 15 year-old who sought out naughty content is some pure and benevolent child? Why not focus on real crimes instead of being the morality police? If the owner of Cafe Sabor, Justin Hamilton, can get a slap on the wrist for not paying his employees OVER $100,000 and forging documents trying to act like he paid them when he really didn’t, I think our society could probably let this woman have a normal life instead of trying to ruin it because the people running our society want to force their false morality on everyone else.

  • skeetr August 6, 2021 at 1:59 pm Reply

    oh no, nudity, what a public health crisis! ! ! that poor 15 year old, they’ll never recover from this.

  • Shawn. August 6, 2021 at 3:23 pm Reply

    These comments are horrific. Did both of you just deflect from this woman’s crime? Selling pornography to minors is a crime, pure and simple. If you want to use this forum to debate the age of consent I would suggest you’re wasting your time. That happens in courts and thru legislation. If you want to bark on about other unrelated crimes, then you just sound weird, as they have nothing to do with this. Our legal system is not perfect, but it seems like the cops did some good work with this one.

    • skeetr August 9, 2021 at 8:43 am Reply

      Oh, poor Shawn! See, at the tender age of fifteen he had no interest in sex or girls, as he is a pure Christ-like soul, who did not know sin. Either that, or the ravages of age and/or drugs has warped his memory such that he does not recall the effects of hormones on a pubescent male mind. At any rate, he sees himself in this “15-year-old boy” and knows what a tender hatchling he is.

      In comes the horrific seductress, a foul despot a full Kindergartener older who knows full well what she is doing. It is obvious she is preying upon this little bird like a honeyguide preys upon it’s unrelated nest-mates. Through foul rituals unknown to us puerile observers, she magically coerced him to desire photographs of her naked body and not only that, to pay for them! The compound sins of lust, greed, gluttony!

    • Bob Cobb August 9, 2021 at 8:51 am Reply

      Hey what did I say about false morality? No one actually believes you think this is a crime. How is she to verify that some random kid on the internet is 18? You think if the kid told her he was 15 she would have sent him the video? The only way the 15 year-old is damaged is by this embarrassing him and having everyone around him think his parents are absolutely ridiculous for even pursuing this. I’m not debating the age of consent at all, but I don’t think the woman should be held responsible when he went and found her stuff on his own. Did she force him to find her on snapchat or wherever? The party of “personal responsibility” somehow forgets this belief when it’s time to shame a woman for trying to get by during a pandemic. Would you prefer if this woman starved instead?

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